Answering the Call

(Photo by Lindsay O’Neil)

By Sarah Komisky

“For God did not call us to be impure, but to live a holy life.”

– 1 Thessalonians 4:7 (NIV)

Have you ever been passionate about something? Maybe you have experienced an injustice or been so moved by something so wrong you had to speak up? Or maybe you have been so impacted by an experience you had to do something about it? Yep, I’ve been there and in many ways still am. So let me tell you about it.

I grew up with an amazing family that loved Jesus. With their words spoken into my life, I felt like I could do or be anything with God on my side. So I did! In life I grew up to be a very ambitious young adult who felt like the sky was the limit with God. With a promise from God and a desire in my heart, I prayerfully grabbed a few of my friends to start a blog. Several months later, as we were in the midst of a devotional together, I knew Jesus was pin pointing in my heart the passion to talk about the subject of purity.

So there it was, the beautiful desire identified inside me by God. But I guess you can say it was always there. You see, although I grew up with amazing parents who loved Jesus and shared with me about the importance of what it means to live a life of purity unto God, they were stilled flawed and so was I! In reality, all of us are, whether we admit it or not. So, I had my own misunderstandings and questions and mistakes I made when it came to my own personal walk of purity. I had my own string of hurts I carried. My own bad choices and a misconception that purity simply met saving yourself for marriage, which meant I neglected some of the other important areas. Additionally, I also had my own journey of faith. Coming to Christ in 2013, I spent a year alone with God learning about him, letting Him heal me in areas and also show me what it meant to walk in purity. My friends and I became so in love with Jesus and were having so much fun learning about it that it seemed natural to share it!

But, I also had some anger inside me. It was a righteous anger fueled by my own mistakes and lies I believed from the enemy. I knew firsthand what it was like to be ripped off of all God had for me and to be left with wounds from a guy. The Bible says in Hosea that people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, (Hosea 4:6). When people don’t know about the amazing call to purity God gives and the blessings it brings, their impure living destroys their lives. At the root of this is the problem of not knowing God Himself. Hosea 4:6 in the New Living version says that people are destroyed because they don’t know God. That too was my problem. When I didn’t know the love of Christ, my life fell into shambles. But I’ve also seen Satan steal away the purity of my friends as they’ve believed lies. I’ve seen girls shed far too many tears over boys. I’ve heard far too many stories of abuse and seen the even greater need for a place to have honest conversations regarding the subject. To say the least, I am tired of young women being ripped off by the enemy, the world’s agenda, and their own sin. In essence, I am sick of women settling for a life other than the one intended by God.

As I saw the epidemic at hand, I couldn’t stand back in the midst of the destruction. I myself have been blessed to have mentors influence me in this area. My mom and aunt are some of them who joined me on this team. One other was my Pastor’s wife, who helped launch this endeavor. Others were my friends; many of them were and are a part of this team. Others were role models I grew up with like singer Rebecca St. James, husband and wife team Jennie and Levi Lusko, the founder of the O2 Experience, and several writers who also stood for this cause and impacted my life.

Getting a long look at the devastation, I knew it was my turn. I’ve been passed the baton in this generation and I want to make a mark for Christ. I want to help show girls and young women what it means and looks like to live the life God is calling us to – a joy-filled life, a better life, a blessed life, an abundant life marked by purity.

Thus, Marked Ministry was born. Since that time, I have been so encouraged to see girls’ lives changed as they answered God’s call. As we celebrate this one-year birthday, I smile at the work God has done and has allowed my friends and me to be a part of. I would like us to think of ourselves as Lucys from the “Chronicles of Narnia” series. In the film, Lucy rushes to the battlefield and brings wounded victims a magical cordial that heals. I would like to believe that we, as the Marked Ministry team, are all Lucys. We see the devastation the enemy has unleashed and the wounded victims who have fallen in this spiritual battle. We see that it’s an opportunity to bring the cordial of God’s message of purity to heal them. But it doesn’t stop there! You too have the opportunity to be a Lucy. As we see this epidemic arise, we can bring the solution, the only solution to hurting hearts: a life of purity that is a protective agent in our lives, a beautiful blessing, and an amazing adventure that awaits those who are ready to receive it. All that comes from receiving the one who gave this amazing gift: Jesus Christ himself. In him, we find all the love and romance we need to fill our hearts and lives. In him we find the perfect man. In him we can enjoy an earthly romance when we chose to stay in God’s boundaries that are good and come from a heart that wants the best for us. 

I encourage you to answer the call God is giving to you: a life totally beautiful and blessed, a life marked by purity.