What My Daughter Taught Me

(Photo courtesy of Marked Ministry)

What My Daughter Taught Me

By Selma Komisky

Dear Sarah,

You are my precious daughter and you know only too well my great and enormous love for you! God has gifted you with a passion for writing. Your style and choice of words on paper are like melodic musical notes that float out of an instrument and create lovely melodies.

You’re a visionary and you have taught me to not only think outside the box, but to go for it and think BIG! I did things I never tried before and learned so many great lessons. I have to admit, in the beginning I felt a little intimidated to write as I wasn’t as seasoned in that area, but you have challenged me to not always stay in my comfort zone. You have stretched me as a writer, and I’m really understanding and enjoying writing more and more everyday.

Additionally, I am so proud of you leading our team and always cheering us on. I know it’s not always easy being in charge, and we’ve had our valleys, but God has helped pull you through. I sit back and smile when I see how much you have grown over this year being a leader.

You have taught me to look beyond sight and see the potential no matter who or what it is. Your graciousness abounds and your non-judgmental ways have convicted me.

It has been an adventure traveling around the world with you through our laptops, observing you interview interesting people, editing, hosting meetings, doing conferences, collaborating and brainstorming, setting up photo shoots, and numerous other things…

Your relationship with Jesus is admirable and your passion is absolutely contagious! In my lifetime, you have grown and taught me so much, and I can only pray that I have been that godly example to you. I celebrate all Jesus is doing in your life and is going to do in the future. May Jesus continue to bless you and Marked Ministry and all your endeavors.

Thank you for teaching me to be a better mom, woman, friend, editor, writer, teacher, and person! Thank you as well for allowing me to be apart of this fantastic ministry for women and giving me the opportunity to serve our Lord Jesus alongside you!

In retrospect, this past year has been a blessing working on the magazine and discipling the girls. I look forward to what God has for us. Congratulations again and Happy 1 Year Marked Ministry!

I love you forever from here into eternity,