Choosing Purity

(Photo by Sarah Komisky)

Choosing Purity

By Sarah Komisky

I still have it. Yeah, it’s a little crinkled and bent, but to me it’s as good as new. As a tween I hung it on my pinboard alongside friends and some boy band members. Later on, it moved to my “important box.” You know the kind: the one with all your special notes and cards and keepsakes. Today, though, it’s in a way better place. It found a new home tucked in my bible. Every now and then I’ll take it out and smile. Sometimes I even take it when I speak at events. It’s gets a lot of attention: now more than ever.

When I was twelve, I went to a church play with my mom and aunt. It was pretty cool because the play was based off a book all about love, dating and relationships. But the coolest part was when I first got there.

Laid out row by row were a bunch of tan cards similar to name tags, one was given to every person that came. My name, a scripture reference and the promise to commit to waiting to have sex for marriage were written on it. At the time, my only guy-interaction was having a crush on boy band members and my math tutor (that was a different story). I was nowhere near dating, let alone having sex, but I knew it this an important event and something special I wanted to commit to.

So I made a point to tack my special certificate on my pinboard that day. But girls, here’s the deal: I didn’t understand that “purity” was more than just saving yourself for marriage. Purity is simply who God is. There is nothing bad in Him. He is flawless. Purity also means He is holy, meaning set apart from sin. So the Bible teaches that we can also be holy as Jesus is holy if we have Jesus in our lives as Savior. That means He can help us live a set-apart life for Him and make good choices that help us in life. Also, we won’t get dirty with the gunk of sin that comes from impure living and painful consequences.

Choosing to live a pure life doesn’t mean you don’t mess up, but it does mean you have Jesus to help you along the way. Let me say again that purity is not just saving sex for marriage. Purity also affects the way you talk and dress, what you watch and think, and how you act. To put it simply: it affects everything.

I guess that’s why this choice means more now: because I have grown in my understanding of it. But you too can choose to live a life of purity. Purity is not a promise you can make to do better or a certificate you pledge to. God has a special plan for you and the path of purity is one that is good. It is one that is special and blessed by God. It’s about your heart. If you are willing, God will help you!

If you want to choose to live a life of purity and make this commitment to God, tell Him. Ask Him, and He will.

Dear Jesus,

Today, I decided I want to choose to live for you and to live a life of purity for You.

Help me to make choices that honor You. Let me see the beauty and goodness of Your plan and

prepare my heart for the romance with the guy You have for me one day. Help me to love you

more every day and let me understand the love You have for me.