Women of Purity: Birthday Edition

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Women of Purity: Birthday Edition
Celebrating 5 Popular Christian Women You Should Know

By Selma Komisky

1. Masey McLain

She’s a young, charming, upcoming actress, a PK (pastor’s kid), a student in her last year at her state university, and a passionate Christian who leads worship at her church. McLain portrays the main role in the new upcoming movie, I’m not Ashamed. The story is about Rachel Joy Scott, a young martyr who was tragically killed in 1999 for her Christian belief in God in the Columbine High School massacre. Rachel Joy Scott was unashamed of her Savior, even in the face of death. Playing the part of Rachel made a huge impact on McLain’s life. She quotes, “He’s the giver of any talents we have anyways, so this wasn’t any different. I had to rely on His enablement everyday, because stepping in Rachel’s shoes was something I absolutely could not do without Him.”

Mclain states, “Life can be hard and following Jesus is not easy. But it’s worth it to follow Him because He’s the only one who can truly satisfy our souls and give us hope.”

Look out for the movie I’m not Ashamed coming to theaters soon.


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2. Gabby Douglas

She’s a spunky, inspirational, and extremely talented athlete who is proud to proclaim her Christianity and stands firm in her faith. She is a gold medalist Olympian for the USA. She is nicknamed the “Flying Squirrel” for her incredible performance on the uneven bars. Growing up as a child, Gabby was always flipping around her home. She later started training at a local gym and then began her formal training for gymnastics. At the 2012 London Olympics, Douglas proclaimed in an interview, “I give all the glory to God. It’s kind of a win–win situation. The glory goes up to Him and the blessings fall down on me. Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I never forget the good things He does for me.”

Look out for Douglas competing in the Rio de Janiero 2016 Olympics and on her first reality TV show (Douglas Family Gold) on Oxygen.


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3. Bianca Juarez Olthoff

She’s got style, swag, and has a smile that can brighten up a room. She’s upbeat and has a heart for women and is a dynamic speaker. This godly young woman loves Jesus and enjoys teaching the Word of God. She’s funny and a great story teller who makes you feel at ease. She also juggles being a pastors wife (married to Pastor Matt Olthoff of Mariners Church), stepmom, writer/author (read her book “Play with Fire”), and blogger (In the Name of Love). She definitely has a flair for writing and is the daughter to Senior Pastor, Poncho Juarez of Calvary Chapel Montebello (if you didn’t know that already). Olthoff is an advocate for the A21 Campaign (a global anti-human trafficking organization) and is also involved with the women’s ministry called Propel. Olthoff states, “I believe in a faithful God, even when I’m faithless. I’m a woman who loves God and is committed to speaking truth when it hurts, loving when it’s hard, and living life out loud.”

Check out her website at: http://www.biancaolthoff.com


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4. Hollyn

Holly Marie Miller (AKA Hollyn) is a gifted, vibrant, nineteen-year-old from Ohio. She’s also a Christian pop, R&B singer/songwriter who auditioned for American Idol at 16. Raised in church, music has always had a big influence on her life. Today, she has partnered with Toby Mac and has been featured on his most recent release. Some of you may have heard her sing as she does vocals on one of Toby’s latest singles “Backseat Driver.” Hollyn quotes, “I want to write songs that touch the depths of people’s souls.” She later quotes to the Christian Post, “My relationship with Christ isn’t perfect. No one’s is, but I strive to make it a priority. I believe that who you surround yourself with is a huge factor in your spiritual walk. Surround yourself with people who will challenge you to grow, yet accept you and the calling God has placed in your life.”

This summer Hollyn will tour and perform with various artists on the Air-1 Positive Hits Tour. Go to Hollyn.com to hear some of her latest music.


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5. Amy Julia Becker

Becker is a young, delightful author and speaker, graduate of Princeton University and Princeton Theological Seminary, wife, and mom of three. She also writes best selling inspirational books for women like, “Small Talk: Learning From My Children About What Matters Most” and “A Good and Perfect Gift: Faith, Expectation and a Little Girl Named Penny,” while also being a regular blogger at parents.com. Overall, her essays about faith, family, and disability have appeared on the Motherlode blog of the New York Times, USA Today, and Christianity Today to name a few. Becker quotes, “But what I have come to understand that I am writing about what it means to be human. Moreover, I’m writing about human perfection.” She goes on to say, “I use to think that human perfection meant human exceptionalism. Being more than capable, being able to do everything – athletics, academics, parenting, career, without needing help, or even information. Through the experience of caring for my mother-in-law as she battled cancer, and through the experience of welcoming my daughter into this world after she was born and she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, I realized that my understanding of what it means to be fully human was flawed.” Eventually she wrote her book about her experiences and then came her blog and from her blog came some other articles and invitations to write more.

You can find out more, and also buy any of Amy Julia Becker’s books, at amyjuliabecker.com.


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