Marked B’Day Playlist

(Photo by Sarah Komisky)

Marked Ministry B’day Playlist

By Sarah Komisky

As we celebrate a year of Marked Ministry, I thought it would only be right to have some music (ever party has a play list, right?) So take a listen with the amazing artists we’ve had  and music we’ve featured over the past year. Enjoy. Sing. Dance. Celebrate!

Marked Ministry B’day Playlist:

1. “Never Going Back” – Holly Starr

2. “Caroline” – Jon Foreman

2. “The Maker” – Chris August

4. “Gracious Tempest/Stay With Me” – Laura Coronado

5. “Shotgun” – Hillary Jane

6. “Beautiful” – Dan Bremnes

7. “While We Are Alive” – Sherri Youngward

8.  “Joshua 1:9” – Maureen Schaffer

9. “Wait on You” – Janice Gaines

10. “Not Backing Down” – Blanca

11. “Into Your Arms” – Capital Kings

12.  “When Love Crossed Over” – Madison Cunningham

13.  “We Come” – Shannon Quintana

14. “Brave” – Moriah Peters

15. “Shepherd of My Soul” – Rivers and Robots

16. “All That I Am Made For” – Out of the Dust

For other music and artists we’ve featured, check out:

Danielle Hogan (www.

We are Watchmen (wear