Happy Feet… Shapes and Shoes, Styles and Sizes

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Happy Feet… Shapes and Shoes, Styles and Sizes

By Melissa Jara

Can I safely say that pretty much every girl loves shoes? Or what’s on her feet to say the least? And have you ever heard of happy feet happy beat? Well neither have I, but it just goes so perfectly for me when I have a pair of new shoes or even if my feet feel cute. It adds a little pep to my walk and it picks my whole outfit up while helping me feel confident no matter what size I feel I am that day. Yes, only put your trust and faith in Jesus the Christ, but always give praise, thanks and glory to God that you have feet and can walk to start off and, even better, thank him anyways and always.

I am writing this because it doesn’t matter what size you are, what color you are or even what background you’re from because we all love shoes, sandals, heels, wedges or whatever you prefer. They’re all for your feet and I am just going to suggest some little tips since we’re smack in the middle of summer.

So I know some of you girls don’t really like showing your feet or just like closed toe shoes. This is for you. There are those really cute all white VANS that go perfectly with a little dress whether they are high or low tops. They go well with jeans and shorts and they look clean, cute and fresh.

Another pair of closed toe shoes I love in the summer is high top Converse All Stars. They just look so cute in any color and with any outfit. Like VANS, they also go well with a dress, jeans or shorts.

Now this is for the girls who don’t have an idea what to wear when you’re going places all summer and still want to be cute, stylish and comfortable. First things first you will always feel pretty with a fresh pedicure, whether you go out and get one by a professional or you do it yourself. It will make you feel fabulous and fresh. Then you can throw on some flip flops, wedges, strappy heels or one strap slip-ons to make you feel ready and confident. Getting my toes done always does it for me. It’s a great gift to give to someone, and it’s so fun to have you and your friends do them on each other.

Now that I told you about different shoes, sandals, etc and other feet stuff, here are a couple of examples and places where you can get the hook up. I know you’re going to look great so have fun and be confident in Jesus and give thanks for those feet because you’re only getting one pair.

I hope you enjoyed this, and remember Jesus loves you all (John 3:16).

“A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps.”

– Proverbs 16:9