Grace Lee: Intern Photographer/Publicist

(Photo courtesy of Grace Lee)

Getting to where I am now in my life stage has been a long ride. I am the youngest of three, and the only daughter. Being raised in a broken family, I’ve always struggled with finding out God’s calling in my life and what my passions are. In the beginning of this year, God opened up my eyes to the passion and love I’ve had for people and for photography. Through photography, I desire to give glory to God in the pictures that I take of God’s children.

I am currently studying Journalism Visual Media at Biola University, and this semester will mark my fourth year there.
I am an extreme introvert, so I love just laying down on my bed watching the latest Netflix. I also love babies, because they bring such laughter to my day! When I’m feeling less introverted, I love to hang out with friends and explore new places to eat.