Debt: Our Christmas Story of Sacrifice

(Photo by Sarah Komisky)

Debt: Our Christmas Story of Sacrifice

By Andrea Yim

I heard a story of a young struggling woman who was thousands of dollars in debt. She was struggling enough to just keep her head above the waters with her normal bills and kids and there she found herself in compete despair because of her financial situation. She couldn’t sleep. She couldn’t function fully because her mind was constantly trying to figure out a way to get out of this debt. How? How could she possibly do it? No one even knew because she was embarrassed to talk about it.  There was no solution in sight.

One day a complete and utter stranger called her on the phone and said, “would it help you if I paid your debt off?” She didn’t know how to respond, but her first thought was, “why? Why on earth would you, a total and complete stranger, pay my debt?” The stranger on the other line said again, “would that help you?” She took a very deep breath and with a sigh and feeling of relief she said, “yes.”

When I heard this story I couldn’t help but think of the very debt that was paid for both you and me. We are a completely undeserving sinful human race yet God’s love for us and His heart towards us covers it all. God, sent His only son Jesus Christ to this earth to die a horrible humiliating death just so that we could have the hope and choice of eternal life with Him. The fact that we even have an option of our sins being forgiven is humbling and we would be fools to not receive such a free gift.

Christmas day is a holiday where Americans gather and eat and buy each other gifts. For some it just seems like complete chaos, and for others it is a relaxing time with family and friends. But the truth is this isn’t just a holiday. The truth is that a baby was born by the Virgin Mary. This child was God and he had come to this earth only to grow up to carry our sins and be the way for us to have a connection with God. The day Jesus hung on the cross was the day that our debt or sins were forgiven.

Just like the woman in the story, whose debt was forgiven her, we have an opportunity this second to have our debt forgiven. Why do we say no to that? Why wouldn’t we want someone to take those burdens and cast them out?

Luke 2:10 says, “And the angel said to them, ‘Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.’”

We so often hear the story, but we must remember why we have the story. All of this is just a miracle. It’s a miracle that a total and complete stranger would pay off debt that he never piled up. It’s a miracle that we have a free gift and way to God our Father through his son Jesus Christ.

What is the sacrifice for you? That you have to give up some selfish acts or maybe a friend or pride? How hard is it to have a tiny bit of faith? With that faith, even if it’s small, you are able to move mountains.

This Christmas remember why we celebrate, and examine your heart and remember what Christ has done for us.