Q&A: Ginny Owens

(Photo courtesy of CCM Magazine)

Q&A: Ginny Owens

By Sarah Komisky

It’s December and this season, Ginny Owens has not one, but two new releases out now! Along with “Love be the Loudest,” she also re-released, “The Greatest Gift,” a Christmas EP that includes a new song entitled, “Jesus We Adore You.” In light of both releases, here are some questions I asked Ms. Owens. Enjoy!

Something that inspired this album was the season of adversity you faced with health issues. What do you want to say to those readers who are facing health issues during the holidays?

Ginny: I think it was when I was at my end that God really began to work. It was when I was so stressed and overwhelmed and not restful at all, when I finally began to say, God I need you to help calm my heart, I need you to give me your supernatural peace, and I need you to teach me how to walk in this season and to trust you in this season. And it is in our brokenness that we can finally listen to him because we have to because we are in desperate need of him. So, I would just encourage anyone who is going through anything to cry out, to call on Jesus, and ask him to come in the middle of your life struggle and to help you rest and to help you find his peace. Sometimes we can’t see it until later, but he’s always faithful to do that, he’s always there. He does not leave us.

I think of people who lived through really, really difficult seasons, people like Paul who was going around teaching everyone about Jesus and got arrested every few months and was going through all these traumatic things and illness, and just anything that would probably wreck us now as human beings. Yet he always would say, “look, I have the secret of contentment, I know what contentment is, and it’s that I can do everything through him gives me strength.” And I think that is a huge part of what God’s love being the loudest voice in our lives looks like. It is us resting in that voice and knowing that that voice can bring us peace and can give us strength. And, that’s what we get to celebrate at Christmastime; it’s God with us, God coming to be here with us and God coming and giving his human life for us because he wanted to be with us. And so, we aren’t talking to some god who is far away in heaven you know, just looking down on our suffering. We are talking to a god who has experienced the worst form of suffering which is death, because he wanted to be with us. So he knows about every bit of our suffering, every bit of our pain and he is just longing to be in the midst of it with us.

Our world is facing a lot of brokenness this holiday season. How do you think knowing God’s love in the midst of this sorrow can be a source of comfort this Christmas?

Ginny: One of things I really wrestled with as I wrote this record was our definition of love, I think, is very different than God’s definition. When we talk about love a lot of times, it’s sort of a more sappy, kind of a more shallow thing. Either it’s super physical or it’s just good, fuzzy, feelings that we get for other people. Or sometimes it’s tolerance. It’s like, we talk about love guiding us, and it just means you don’t step out and speak up. You just kind of say, “oh that’s great if you want to live your life that way” or whatever, and that feels like what love is to us. And what God says it is is “I broke the mold, I give my life for you.” So, that means that it turns love into something much bigger, something about sacrifice, something about deep friendship, you know? I would go all the way that I would give myself for you because I want to be with you. I think that makes God’s love more powerful than maybe our simple definition of love often is and so much deeper.  So I think one of the things I love about this time of year even though it’s hard and it can be lonely for a lot of us, especially when we don’t have boyfriends and such like that, which I know a lot about that [chuckles]. So, as I ask God saying “why am I in this position,” I feel like what he says is, “trust my love, it is waiting for you, it is enough for you.” And when I think about his deep sacrifice to be with me, then it begins to transform my understanding of love into something that is a lot deeper than what maybe our world would call love.

Check out Ginny’s live performance of her music on her Facebook @ GinnyOwensMusic December 12th at 7PM CT and be sure to grab her new releases at http://ginnyowens.com/