A Note From the Editor

(Photo by Jazmin Ortega)

A Note From the Editor: March, 2017

By Sarah Komisky

What are you passionate about? For me, I could tell you a few things, like writing (shocking, I know) or social justice or even any of the arts, but my greatest passion by far has been the subject of purity. Seeds were sown all through my life like my fascination for all things bridal, the way I light up when I get an opportunity to chat with teen and tween girls, or how I am deeply impacted by women who are committed to the same cause. But, it’s not just those moments, it’s all the undertones. The tinted shades in my life that make up the moments were beauty was turned to ash when placed in the hands of God. It’s the things that inspire me, move me, excite me, and upset or disturb me when it’s just plain wrong. It’s all of it.

All these things propelled me forward towards a destiny I never could imagine. Marked Ministry is the beautiful result and this issue is a nod to the inception of this magazine that is all about purity. When my team and I got together and talked about the New Year, I felt strongly that God was leading me back to talking about these specific issues. Most are rarely talked about and when they are, we don’t quite know what to say and how to say it. But more than ever, I am deeply convinced that people have questions regarding the subject and are longing for answers.

Marked Ministry is taking you back to basics, back to this passion to proclaim the freedom and fulfillment and beauty found in a pure lifestyle. That’s why we are concentrating more on addressing specific issues and questions regarding the subject. So, we dedicated our entire issue to specific areas of purity, purity in the heart, mind, relationships, singleness, body, and soul. Examples of purity, purity in music, purity in our workplace, purity in beauty, and purity in the overall choices we make.

It is our prayer that these articles answer some of your questions, provide guidance, and spur you towards a desire to live a lifestyle of purity. My passion is to see you discover the same freedom and fulfillment and beauty me and my teammates have come to know through Jesus Christ.

Additionally, I want to ask you, what is your passion? May you find it in Christ and live it out to its fullest.