Activewear Trends in Spring, 2017

(Photo courtesy of Maggie M. Van de Loo)

Activewear Trends in Spring, 2017

By Samantha De La O

In recent years, active wear has become a fairly mainstream component of the fashion industry—whether it’s actually being used for workout purposes, or for everyday wear. In an article done in 2016 for Forbes magazine, research showed that the sales of active wear increased by 16 percent, whereas the sale of apparel increased two percent. That was including the sales of active wear… crazy, right?  While I for one would opt for actual pants over workout leggings in my everyday wear, I am quite pleased to see that the fashion industry is responding to the rising sales by producing better (and cuter!) active pieces every year. After some careful analysis of trends in all apparel this spring season, I’ve broken down the active wear trend into three distinct categories: edgy, girly, and boho, in order to show you the very best of what is being offered in terms of active wear this season.


Adidas Originals 3 stripe leggings, Urban Outfitters

Edgy, as I see it, is compiled of bold, but less colorful pieces, and may be made with mesh and a few intentional rips and tears. This category is for girls who like the traditional activewear brands like Adidas, Nike, or even Puma (which is making a comeback, I promise you). Below are some of my favorite pieces, from various locations, that fall under the edgy category. You can also shop the above Adidas leggings by clicking the link below the photo.

  1. Double Layer Tee, Anthropologie, $95 (click to shop): This mesh/solid tee makes a perfect cover up for all your cute sports bras. Pair it with a burgundy or royal blue sports bra, and black leggings to complete this look.
  2. Medium Impact Sports Bra, Forever 21, $14.90 (click to shop): This black sports bra is great for working out, but simple enough for everyday use.
  3. Hooded Yoga Top, H&M, $29.99 (click to shop): This top offers just enough warmth for spring morning runs and evening pilate’s classes. It also pairs with just about anything.
  4. Puma Explosive Women’s Jumpsuit, Tilly’s, $79.99 (click to shop): This mesh/solid jumpsuit can be worn alone, or paired with a cute hoodie or jacket.


Lyla Long Sleeve Top, Free People, $68

The girly category (my personal favorite) consists of lighter, softer colors, and plenty of cute ties, criss-cross straps, and ruffles. This category is for the girls who like their active wear to have a feminine touch. Think Free People, i.e. above photo.

  1. Motion Legging, Free People, $88 (click to shop):  Offered in three colors, black, army, and sea mist, these strappy leggings are a dream, as they are simple enough to go with most anything, but offer just the right amount of femininity to not be boring.
  2. Active Ballet Wrap Crop Top, Forever 21, $14.90 (click to shop): This pretty, wrap around top, is delicate and simple, and can be for everyday use as well as for your workout. Pair with a soft pink cami and your favorite leggings, or even a high waisted skirt.
  3. Mauve High Impact Sports Bra, Forever 21, $15.90 (click to shop): This mauve sports bra is flattering and smooth, plus, it offers plenty of coverage with its stylish high neck.
  4. Fortune Ruffled Cardigan, Anthropologie, $118 (click to shop): This pretty cardigan is pricey but irresistibly cute. The ruffle in front makes it unmistakably girly, and an option for everyday use.


Carmen Pant, Free People, $88

Boho is where you will find all of your colorful patterns and flowy pieces. The category suits a girl who prefers loose fitting pieces to the tight spandex usually found in activewear. This category is also best seen in Free People, though other places are catching on as well.

  1. Active Braided T-Back Tank, Forever 21, $12.90 (click to shop): This tie dye tank is flowy and cute, but act fast, it’s selling out!
  2. Carousel Capri Leggings, Anthropologie, $68 (click to shop): These leggings aren’t flowy, but their colorful paisley print is great for any girl who loves bold patterns on her leggings.
  3. Without Walls Kick Flare Pant, Urban Outfitters, $9 (on sale!) (click to shop): These pants are a great mix of it all, boldly colored, tight on top but flowy at the bottom, and a steal at $9 marked down from $59.
  4. Frankie Oversized Tee, Urban Outfitters, $34 (click to shop): This top is lightweight and casual, and a great alternative to the standard tight fitting workout tee, plus, it’s perfect for everyday wear as well.

Above are just some examples of what will be seeing in spring, but be sure to be on the lookout for more active wear trends. Any questions about how to style any of the above pieces? Let us know in the comments.