Quick Tips to Get Rid of Zits

(Photo by Lindsay O’Neil)

Quick Tips to Get Rid of Zits

By Selma Komisky

One time or another, we’ve all experienced an unsightly blemish, whether you are a teen or an adult. These uninvited pimples pop in at the most inopportune times, school pictures, first dates, job interviews and weddings. They make us self conscious and affect our self esteem. However, acne is common in teenagers and young adults. There can be some individuals who are prone to acne and can have it in their 50s and 60s and may remain susceptible to blemishes. Statistics say at least six out of ten people suffer from acne problems. Although, aren’t we always searching for ways to treat it?

If we really think about it we are hard on ourselves. We withdraw from others when we get these breakouts. How can we get healthy skin and not let our flaws get in the way of loving our self, accepting who we are and shine for Jesus? First of all, keep your face clean to remove impurities, dead skin, and oil from your face. Use a gentle facial cleanser and rinse with warm water. Use makeup sparingly. During a breakout, avoid wearing foundation, powder, or blush. If you do wear makeup, wash it off at the end of the day. Now, you’re ready to try some quick tips on those zits! Check out some simple home remedies you can try out at home.

Sour Cream or Greek Yogurt

This is a personal favorite that has helped remove acne. Just apply a little on the spots and let it absorb into the skin and then rinse.

Tip: The thicker the sour cream or creamier the yogurt, the better the results. When applied topically, the probiotics in Greek yogurt can help heal acne and creates a protective layer that prevents new acne-causing bacteria from surfacing on the skin. After treatment, be sure to stay out of the sun to prevent irritation due to ingredients in this product that heightens sensitivity.


Toothpaste contains an antibacterial ingredient called triclosan but it also contains menthol that has a drying effect on the problem area.

Tip: Use only the white toothpaste because a gel will not work the same. According to homeremediaforlife.com, people with sensitive skin need to be careful because toothpaste containing menthol and fluoride can cause itching, irritation and inflammation. So, it is important to avoid applying toothpaste on sensitive, dry, or inflamed skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has healing properties that is very good for your skin. It primarily has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Also, Aloe juice is able to quickly heal skin of wounds and micro cracks in your skin. And, it can also be used to remove pimples, small scars and other skin damage. Aloe vera products like soap and gel can also help acne as well.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is made by fermenting apple cider, or the unfiltered juice from pressed apples. Vinegar is well known for its ability to kill many types of bacteria and viruses. This natural product contains acetic, citric, lactic and succinic acid, all of which have been shown to zap blemishes

Tip: Apple cider vinegar can act as a natural astringent and skin toner that removes thicken oils, blackheads or whiteheads and cleanse your skin pores. It also has anti-inflammatory characteristics that help in treating acne and flare-ups.


This natural, sugary substance has antibiotic properties that can help improve acne. Apply a teaspoon of honey to affected areas and rinse with warm water.

Tip: Honey is gentle on your skin and a safe choice for people that have sensitive skin.


Traditionally used to speed wound healing, prevent colds and flu, echinacea is also used as a blemish treatment due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Echinacea tea can also be used as a daily face wash by soaking a cloth with it or by putting a few drops on a cotton ball and dabbing onto blemishes.

Tip: Be careful if you have allergies (especially ragweed). Try testing on a small area of your skin before applying to your face to prevent large breakouts and rash.

Witch Hazel

This natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory can act as an astringent, naturally drying and shrinking blemishes. To get its benefits, pour witch hazel onto a cotton ball and wipe your face each morning and night.

Tip: If you already have dry skin, don’t overuse this product as it has a drying effect.

Egg Yolk

Blend egg yolk and apply with the help of a cotton ball on the affected areas and leave it on for fifteen to twenty minutes and then wash it off. It removes extra oils and therefore helps in taming acne.

Tip: If you are allergic to eggs, don’t use this remedy.

Lemon Juice

An easily available home remedy for acne. It is a very effective home remedy in shrinking the size and intensity of acne.

Tip: Watch out if you have sensitive skin, as this is a naturally acidic remedy. Also, be careful to not get too much sun exposure after applying to prevent irritation.

NOTE: This article is not an endorsement for these products and Marked Ministry is in no way endorsing any of these products but simply offering suggestions for acne. If your pimples are leaving scars or if your treatment isn’t working, then it’s time to see a family doctor or dermatologist.