A Note From the Editor

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

A Note From the Editor: May, 2017

By Sarah Komisky

Uniqueness is all around us. In snowflakes. In flowers. In fingerprints. In DNA. Creation cries out loud with living proof that nothing is ever ordinary. From our freckles, skin tones, statue, body type and eye color, all of it points to the fact that we are unlike any other created thing. Another component is our qualities that make us who we are. Kindness. Creativity. Boldness. Compassion. Assertiveness. Being introverted or extroverted. These are all exquisite fibers of our being. Then, there is the added element of talent that is very individualistic. Some people are scientific, others nurturing. There are the athletes and the administrators. Those who are in the spotlight and others who are not. Each one is equally special and unequivocally vital to this world. No one can play another’s role. We are distinct. Valuable. One-of-a-kind. But not only that, we as human beings are made in the very image of God. Yet, why do most of us walk around feeling so much less than that?

This May, we at Marked Ministry hope that you catch vision of who you really are. Our articles reflect this truth. From the way we want to encourage others to create their own unique style, to dream, to go where God is calling them, to not mix in with the crowd and to walk in the plan that is uniquely theirs and to simply, fearlessly, embrace their true identity in who Jesus Christ says they are. In short, our May Issue is devoted to being the real you.

So let your hair down (or maybe put it up if you want to). Come on the journey and ask God to help you discover who you really are. Maybe you need to discover it for the first time or simply be reminded. Either way, we pray that you can be free to be you. Own it. Embrace it. Rest in it. There is no one like you. So, go on! Be yourself and we believe, you’ll like it!