How-to: Juggle Life

(Photo by Samantha De La O)

How-to: Juggle Life

By Melissa Valle

Don’t forget. Tomorrow you have that essay due at 11:59 p.m. for your Psychology class. Oh, and you signed up to volunteer for the kid’s ministry. Oh yeah, you also promised your friend Bethany you would help her set up for her party this Saturday after babysitting for the Jones.

Sound familiar?

School. Work. Social life. Family. This question pops up… do I even have time for myself? Never fear, this article is here to help you juggle with it all.


First and foremost, it is important to stop and think. What is the most important to me right now? What is something I need to drift my attention towards? Do you want to focus on bringing that GPA up and working out? Or do you want to spend more time with the Lord and your family and less time on social media? Or all of the above? Do you need a certain amount of sleep to function? Do you need to go out on a run to start your day right?

Whatever it may be, it is important that you have your mind set. It will help you minimize any other distractions and keep you focused. For example, if you prioritize working out, then you would want to cut out that half hour you may spend on social media.

Write it up

Jot down your goals and priorities. Keep it somewhere you can always look at and soon enough they will become like natural habits. Keep changing it up if you have to so that you can challenge yourself or find what works best for you. Writing it down and putting it on your mirror can motivate and remind you.

Schedule & To-Do Lists

For me personally, planning out my day-to-day schedule helps me stay focused. Having a specific set time for each task can help you stay organized and avoid free floating. With schedules, comes to-do lists. Each day, have an objective of what needs to get done. Giving yourself a specific time period to complete tasks can keep you focused. I would recommend allowing yourself leisure time (a half hour or so) in case something comes up on your day so you won’t feel as rushed. To do lists can be made for a specific day, few days, or even a week, whatever helps you.

Table Manners

It’s important to remember to not put so much on your plate. It’s great to be involved with extracurricular activities, sports and such. However, it’s even better to be able to give it all a 100%. Also, remember, what may work for someone else-working 20 hours, being a youth group leader, and taking 18 units- may not work with you. And that’s okay. Business does not equal worth.

To conclude, remember that we are all human, and sometimes that hour you were hoping to do homework resulted in you taking a nap or spending some time helping a friend in need. You never know what may happen, and that too is okay. Just remember, to take an actual day of Sabbath. Spend some time alone with the Lord, go out on a bike ride. Allow your body to rest and your mind to rest, even if that means working a bit harder on a specific day of the week to take that day off. You will feel much more energized to continue on with your week.