Decades of Vintage Beauty: 40s

(Photos by Selma Komisky)

Decades of Vintage Beauty: 40s

By Selma Komisky

The Forties was a a decade that was tremendously effected by World War II. Big band music and swing dance was popular. Radio was the entertainment in homes. Rationing was taking place to help on the home front and women’s fashion were very glamorous. Peep-toe pumps and shoulder pads were the style of the time along with the victory roll hairstyle.

Marked Ministry Decades of Vintage Beauty Photo Shoot: 40s
Creative Design/Music/Styling: Sarah Komisky
Creative Design/Hair/Music/Photography/Styling: Selma Komisky
Editing: Samantha De La O, Hannah Jacob and Lindsay O’Neil
Graphic Design: Hannah Jacob
Makeup/ Modeling: Kendall Fee, Savannah Lawrence, Sarah Komisky and Ashley Scriven
Videography: Gabby Mehler
Special thanks to: Victory Outreach Church in Whittier and I-45 Cafe for letting us use your facilities to photograph and stay true to the vintage feel we were aiming for.