Denim Blue Fashion


(Photos by Samantha De La O)

Denim Blue Fashion

By Samantha De La O

Out of all of the items in your closet, all those that are the most worn and the dearest to you, there is likely to be at least one pair of greatly treasured denim. If you’re anything like me, that one pair is more like two or three. Regardless of the quantity, I can guarantee that those jeans have been there for you, through first days of school, dates, and when nothing else looked quite right. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that you may be a little hesitant to go shopping for new jeans, since nothing will ever live up to your favorite pair anyway. Believe me, I get it and mostly feel the same way, but, if you are ready to go out and shop for a new pair, I’ve put together a little three step guide that may make it just a tad easier.

Step One: Find Your Fit

Okay, yeah. This first step is rough one because I mean, there are like a zillion denim fits out there. Especially if you’re looking at Levi’s where the fits are ordered numerically (like why?) and things are just overall way too complicated, no pun intended. The best suggestion I can offer is to find a look you want to go for and then choose jeans that resemble it, and try them on until you’ve found something that works for you. And that’s really it. There is no magic “for your body type” formula, though that may be what the fashion world is telling you because, frankly, you are you, and only you know what is going to look best on your body. My personal favorite fit this season is a wide legged jean with an unhemmed bottom, as it goes with almost anything, and makes all of your outfits 10 times cuter. That aside, I still adore skinny jeans, and even those “totally 70’s” bell bottoms from time to time, so I definitely like to mix it up. No matter what fit (or fits) you choose, don’t stress about it, just rock whatever you like.

Step Two: Choose a Store

While Levi’s are super cute, they are (as mentioned before), a little confusing and kind of pricey, so they may not be your first choice. Personally, I think the best jeans in the world are already used and located at your local thrift store. Finding denim secondhand takes a little work, but it’s also way less expensive, and often times a lot more fun. If you want to tackle thrift shopping, I’d suggest finding out when your local thrift store puts out their “new” items (it’s usually on Tuesday’s for whatever reason), and go on that day, as soon as they open, that way you have the first pick of everything.

However, if secondhand isn’t your thing, (I totally get it, it isn’t for everyone), there are still tons of choices for you. Madewell has both an online store and a chain of regular retail stores that are so pretty they’ll make you want to stay and shop for hours (okay, maybe that’s just me). The employees at Madewell are always willing to help you shop, and that’s a plus, because you won’t find a personal denim stylist just anywhere; I guarantee it.

H&M also has a really great selection of denim, all with really low prices. I’ve bought several pairs of jeans from them, and have never once been disappointed. If neither of those work for you, you can always head over to Hollister or Pac Sun, as they offer dozens of fits and sizes, usually at a moderately fair price.  By way of warning, Hollister, while they do have good jeans, is not my favorite place to shop, because the music’s too loud and the lighting too dark for optimal shopping experience.

Step Three: Wear Confidently, Wash Sparingly

Yes, that’s right. If anyone’s ever told you that you should avoid washing denim, they were 100% correct. Washing your jeans tends to ruin their natural stretch and color, and may shorten their lifespan, which is the worst. Instead, wash them only when needed, and let them hang dry if possible. And when you wear them out, do so with complete confidence, remembering that there is nothing more classically stylish than a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt.