Letting Jesus Fulfill Your Desires

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Letting Jesus Fulfill Your Desires

By Kendall Fee

Has anyone ever told you to “date Jesus?” That cliché Christianese saying that just seems to rub you the wrong way. Date Jesus? How do I do that? It’s nothing like having a real boyfriend. Dating is a social construct. We as a society have established this idea about dating, and it’s not necessarily something we can do with Jesus. 

The closest thing to dating Jesus is merely being in relationship with the Lord. You can’t date Jesus like you’d date the cute guy in your chemistry class or the guy on the basketball team. Being in deep relationship with the Lord has everything to do with the inherent desires of our hearts.

When the Lord created Eve, she had these desires that made her female, that made her different from Adam, that made her unique as a woman. Those desires have been passed down now to us. We live in a world where the enemy is picking at those desires. We date to, in some way, reach those desires. The only problem is that in a broken world, no one is capable of fulfilling those desires.

First we should classify these desires. We, as women enjoy being romanced, having an irreplaceable role, and feeling beautiful. Being single puts an aching pain in the pits of our hearts because we feel as if these desires aren’t being fulfilled. The truth is, a man, a boyfriend, the boy next door, the guy you have a massive crush on, he can’t fulfill these desires like Jesus can. A husband will even fall short, but Jesus won’t. He placed these desires in your heart, therefore, He’s the only one who can reach deep in your heart and bring them to life. And that is the closest we can get to “dating” our Jesus. 

How does He romance me?

Well, look out your window. You see that tree swaying in the light breeze, its leaves fluttering and rustling around? You see that bed of flowers outside the coffee shop you love? You taste that yummy latte as you walk down the street to work? You see that blazing sunset, burning with passion, while you drive home after a long day? That’s Jesus romancing you. We miss it, so often we go about our busy days and miss Him wooing and pursuing us everyday. Look for it and be romanced along the way.

How does He give me an irreplaceable role?

Well, take a second to dig deep into your heart. What are your dreams? What do you feel this tug to do? What exactly has the Lord spoken over you; a calling, a purpose? What do you feel motivated to do? Your gifts and talents, how can you use them? He’ll show you your role if you let him. Take hold of the truth and get ready for the role He has for you.

How does He make me feel beautiful?

Well, for starters, what does the Bible say? Flip to Hosea 2:14, He wants to allure you, speak to you tenderly. Now Song of Solomon 4:9, we’re His bride, we’ve stolen His heart. If that’s not beauty I don’t know what is. The whole Bible is a love letter from Jesus to us. That’s one massive love letter, much more than any guy I know could write. Don’t stop with verses that prove the Lord sees you as beautiful though, ask Him. In your quiet time, ask Him how He sees you and wait, experience the Lord pour His thoughts of love over you. 

When Jesus fulfills these desires in our hearts we become the woman He has called us to be. Being single isn’t easy, dating Jesus is not a stepbystep solution, but understand that real genuine fulfillment of these desires comes only from the one who put them in place. This will be the most rewarding experience you’ll ever have with your Lord. Accept the singleness and let the Lord fill the place He longs to fill.