Making the Most of Your Music

(Photo by Sarah Komisky)

Making the Most Of Your Music

By Bella Martinez

There are many elements that characterize a traditional wedding. The cake, the dress, the guest list, the flowers and the location are just a few examples of what make it traditional. To most brides, certain elements take priority over others. As a lover of music, the playlist was a priority for my own wedding last June. If you’re currently planning your wedding playlist, how do you make it a memorable one? Is it worth it to hire a DJ or should you do it yourself? To make your wedding as seamless as possible, here are some ideas and tips to make the most out of the music.

When it came to the wedding playlist, I knew I wanted to do it myself because DJs are expensive. I also figured that I knew what my spouse, guests and I liked, better than a DJ could. However, that’s just me, if you’re considering hiring a DJ there are a lot of benefits in doing so. A few benefits include that you have one less thing to have to plan, and you have more time to complete other tasks. When handling the music yourself, you or one of your guests typically have to control the playlist many times throughout the wedding. With a DJ, you and your guests can enjoy the wedding without being assigned to any tasks. Hiring a live band or musician is another option, and adds a unique touch to any wedding.

If you’re already set on making your own playlist, here is a guideline to doing so. One of my best friends helped coordinate my wedding, and had coordinated other weddings before mine. She laid out the following plan that set the mood for each stage of the wedding-

Leading up to the ceremony: Sweet, romantic, slow, instrumental

Walk down the aisle: Special song for both bride and groom. Typically slow and sweet

Ceremony: Special song(s) for both bride and groom. Or no music

Ending of the ceremony: Upbeat, exciting, fun

Wedding feast: Romantic, classic, jazzy or classical

Dancing: Fun, upbeat. Should be a mix of classics throughout the decades and also today’s hits

First dance: Sweet, slow, romantic

These are just a few examples of stages you may or may not have in your wedding. When curating your perfect playlist, be sure to pick songs that are easily enjoyable by everyone, but also special to you and your soon-to-be spouse. Most importantly, don’t stress and have fun! If you’re in need of some inspiration, listen to Marked Ministry’s Spotify wedding playlist to hear our top picks for the big day. We hope you enjoy!