The Wedding Night: What If’s ?

(Photo by Lindsay O’Neil)

The Wedding Night :What If’s ?

By Michelle Ochen

“Marriage is for life, and the first night does not set the tone for the journey ahead.”

 – Michelle Ochen

The moment has come, you have imagined the scene countless times, you have the script all planned out, every detail from the lighting to the music, this is your wedding night. But what if your fantasy did not become your reality? What if the night did not go quite as planned? What if your expectations being let down became the real reality that your heart craves? The truth is, every little girl grows up envisioning her wedding day, and every grown woman envisions with expectations and fears her wedding night.

There is much hipe on the idea of “the wedding night,” as if it is the pivotal night for your marriage and  I want to relieve some stress, it is indeed a beautiful night! Therefore, since it’s the first time spent together, but it is the first of many. Marriage is for life, and the first night does not set the tone for the journey ahead.

So what should our focus be for the wedding night? If the wedding day is the time we vow to be committed to each other every day as long as we live, then what if the wedding night be the time we committed to sleep together every night as long as we live? What if the focus was not romance and sex, but commitment and being together from dusk to dawn? What if the focus was the beauty of vulnerability and not the expectation that media has painted?

So how can we be different and not follow the worlds mentality.

As you prepare for your wedding night, make it your prayer that the focus would turn from a physical union to a union of two hearts coming together for the journey of life.

Once the stress is over, you can enjoy the night with whatever it brings your way!

Perhaps, you can ease into your evening by beginning with a walk under the stars, or dancing. Maybe you could have a time of sharing and recap the best moments of your wedding. Laughing about all the mishaps of the day, remembering memorable moments.

Just taking your time moving into the night knowing that the most important tone of the night is the way your hearts prepare to receive one another as intimacy is welcomed and two become one.