A Note From the Editor

(Photo by Jazmin Ortega)

A Note From the Editor: July, 2017

By Sarah Komisky

Whoever said “Time flies when you are having fun” must have obviously been reflecting on good time. I mean, in the two years since Marked Ministry first went online, I am now thinking the same thing. I was eating a burger when a teammate texted: “WE ARE LIVE!!!!” Screaming, jumping around with my burger in hand, I passed around the phone to show some family members the text. We had been waiting for that moment for a few months, prior to that year, my friends and I were just blogging for fun and my mom came alongside us in the process. Then things got even more exciting. God gave me a vision that was really birthed out of the Bible study and discussions my friends and mom and I were having. It just came naturally. As my friends and I who were single at the time, simply fell in love with Jesus and starting discovering what it looked like to walk in purity, I found myself wanting to tell the world more about it. My own past mistakes and misconceptions on the subject also fueled my desire to share the freedom, beauty and blessing I’ve found. But, I also wanted to expose the lies that I saw my former self and so many others embracing and believing. You can say, through it all, the truth of God changed me and sparked a vision to do something new. As God launched me out into the deep, my mom and friends courageously stepped in with me.

It was all humble beginnings and today I am still that girl that knows it all started on my little laptop in my living room. There was no glitz, no glamour, no agenda to blow up as a magazine, there was not even a budget to start. In fact, I always told people that I was really happy if just one person read it – God for sure exceeded that goal. Some thought I was completely crazy or maybe just too ambitious, but I think with God on your side, there is room to dream big and we definitely did.

Like I said, I have been reflecting. Reading Instagram posts, scrolling through e-mails, and browsing old photos, correspondences etc. and all of it has blown me away. Our first logo started out with a basic sketch in black marker and our first conference began with my friends my friends and I spending the night making our own labeled pens to pass out at our table! All of these were humble beginnings which were also so analyzing fun.

Going over things for this issue, I also found a photo from the first shoot I did. Honestly, I was no model. I simply needed head shots and my friend took her Nikon and captured a few photos of me sometimes nervously laughing but mostly embracing something new.

Then there was our first team photo shoot. We got a discount at the location and used my friend from college to shoot. There was no photographers, no hair or makeup team, no social media manager. Our tiny team ran with the punches and didn’t mind learning new things along the way wearing multiple hats. We used the photo of my first interviewee on her iphone. She was my mentor and didn’t mind helping us out by coming up to bat first. She opened doors for partnership with many people in subsequent issues to come and eventually, there would be a lot more photos. Every one of them holds a memory and the ones in this anniversary issue just add to the collection.

This July, my prayer is that you also can reflect. Reflect on the blessings in your life and take time to thank God for them. If you intentionally look for them, I guarantee you will be overwhelmed with the goodness of God. This issue is filled with them. From our content, to our interviews, to our photos and everything in between, God has granted many blessings and we are grateful. So don’t despise the day of small things. Instead, take note. And, let’s also enjoy our journey that’s ahead of us. Time will fly fast, so let’s make the most of it and let’s always have fun in the process. Here’s to another year!