If You Like This, You’ll Love That

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

If You Like This, You’ll Love That

By Bella Martinez

Living in the world but not becoming like the world is a balance. One aspect of almost everyone’s day to day is music. Music has an impact on the listener, whether they realize it or not. As Christians, we want to keep a pure heart by taking good in and keeping bad out, but does that include all secular music? Are we to avoid every restaurant and store playing anything other than Chris Tomlin? Should we refrain from going to weddings and events where the playlist includes anything other than what you would hear in church? And what about questionable Christians, like Justin Bieber, who profess to be Christians, but you’re still not quite convinced- should they be avoided if their lyrics aren’t all wholesome? The short answer is no, secular music doesn’t have to be avoided altogether. God has given us discernment, or the ability to judge between what is good and what we should abstain from. To guide you into that balance between listening to secular music and godly, here are some of our favorite Christian artists that remind us of today’s popular musicians.

If you like Grimes, King Krule or James Blake, you’ll love: Page CXVI, The Brilliance

If you like Adele, Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus, you’ll love: Lauren Daigle

If you like Falling in Reverse or Pierce the Veil, you’ll love: Skillet, Memphis May Fire, Wolves at the Gate

If you like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Fiona Apple or Norah Jones, you’ll love: Izzi Ray, Liz Vice

If you like UB40, Bob Marley or Sublime, you’ll love: Matisyahu

If you like Arcade Fire or Metronomy, you’ll love: Rivers & Robots, Isla Vista Worship

If you like John Mayer or Jason Mraz, you’ll love: Jon Foreman

If you like the Silver Sun Pickups or Foo Fighters you’ll love: New Divide, As Cities Burn, Kings Kaleidoscope

If you like Drake, Kanye West or Big Sean, you’ll love: Lecrae, Thi’sl, Montell Fish, Andy Mineo

Be sure to check out our Spotify playlist, and let us know who your favorite Christian artists are!