A Modest Twist on Bralettes

(Photo by Samantha De La O)

A Modest Twist on Bralettes

By Maxine O’Loane

So bralettes are leaving their mark in the fashion industry. From runway models to celebrities sporting them on social media, there’s no doubting bralettes are in style. However, even though these little lacy and detailed pieces are cute, they aren’t exactly modest. Yes, they look good in magazines and fashion ads but they might not be the best idea for a respectable young woman (I know I sound like a grandma lecturing her granddaughter about fashion…I’ve accepted this and I’m okay with it). And even though they may seem perfect for the heatwave coming up in a few weeks, there are a few other options that will keep you just as cool without revealing too much.

Tank Tops:

Don’t worry, by tanks I’m not referring to those white, odd fitting, too long for any girl’s body type tank tops your mom used to buy from Sears, (well, at least my mom did for me). No, lucky for us, tanks have come a long way from what they were five or so years ago. Today, you can find some nice ones at just about any clothing store. And not only do they range in all sizes but in fabrics, styles, and even patterns too. You can easily grab a cute laced or patterned tank and throw it under a crop top or pair it with some shorts and your favorite plaid shirt.

Sleeveless Tops:

Every girl knows the struggle of having to make the switch from layering up during the winter months to lightening the clothes load as summer approaches. Now, I’m an L.A. girl born and raised, so I’m accustomed to seeing beach attire and what looks like it being used as everyday clothes. There’s nothing wrong with bikinis, bralettes, or other “cool” clothes, as long as they’re worn in the appropriate places, the beach, by a pool, or under another shirt. So, when you’re feeling the heat, instead of grabbing one of these give a cute sleeveless a try.

Sleeveless Dresses:

If you want to change it up a bit this summer, why not swap your tank top for a tank dress (t-shirt dress). Because, let’s admit it, sometimes it’s hard to get up early enough to get ready, let alone worrying about putting an entire outfit together. This is where dresses come in handy, and since the weather’s going to be heating up, it’s probably a good idea to ease up on the layering. And the best part about t-shirt dresses is not only are they incredibly comfortable but they can be dressed up or down in a matter of seconds with the right accessories.

Bralettes the Tasteful Way:

Okay, so I know I spent most of this article giving you different alternatives to bralettes, but if you’re still determined to wear them, then here are a few ways to wear them with a modest twist. First and foremost, I need you to remember that a bralette is not a shirt, but rather a cute accent to be worn under a shirt. Two ways I’ve seen them styled is with either a loose fitted sleeveless or under an off the shoulder t-shirt or dress. Like I said, although this is a subtle way to style them, I still suggest using some of the alternatives instead.