Modesty in a Purity Culture

(Photo by Samantha De La O)

Modesty in a Purity Culture

By Michelle Ochen

We usually define modesty as not wearing what is trending, cute or sexy. A negative limitation to what is current. As if to be modest you have to dress like the magazine soccer mom. Yet this is far from the truth of what modesty is. Modesty is a sleek dress with a wise scarf. Modesty is using discernment in the wardrobe. Certainly it gives some limitation, but only in the form of healthy style discipline. Modesty is not the elimination of fashion or body enhancing style, but a respect for your body to only highlight the things that should be highlighted.

A woman’s body is a beautiful masterpiece. She is created with natural shape and curve—her soft skin, her smaller bones, her chest; all of which are to be admired but not exposed. Have you ever seen a woman of elegance? With such a picture in mind, have you ever seen that woman over exposing her body? Elegance bears vision to modesty. Elegance draws out natural beauty and covers inappropriate exposure.

There is a way to dress that draws attention from others without stumbling. We have heard over and over again that men are visual; does this mean we must wear turtle necks and skirts to the ankles to protect their eyes? Not necessarily––a woman of purity can dress in the latest fashions, applying modesty to indecent areas. A simple tank top under a low cut blouse enables the onlooker to appreciate beauty without inappropriate exposure. Leggings underneath a shorter skirt enable style and modesty in every step.

A culture of purity is cultivated from the heart, and a choice for modesty comes from proper understanding of true beauty. Beauty is not availing yourself to the lust of other’s eyes, but presenting yourself with respect and modesty. Open that wardrobe, put on that cute skirt, embrace the beauty of your womanhood, but grab a sweater of modesty on your way out the door if need be! Modesty makes beauty shine for others to see and glorifies the great Designer.