The Real Focus of Proverbs 31

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The Real Focus of Proverbs 31

By Sharon Kaselonis

Who was Proverbs 31 written about and who qualifies as a Proverbs 31 woman? What does she look like, where does she live, who are her friends, and for Pete’s sake – if there were such a woman, would she dare claim the “good housekeeping” title or hang a “Proverbs 31 woman” certificate on display? Probably not, but the absurdity of the thought brings into focus our lack or misplaced focus when it comes to this beautiful chapter.

You see, all Scripture points to Jesus Christ and the purpose of the entire cannon is to aim our gaze upward. If we fail to find Him here in Proverbs chapter 31, then we are focusing on the wrong person! So let’s look for Jesus and glory in His name, because He chooses us and works in us.

This chapter paints a stunning picture of a beautiful woman who radiates grace both inside and out. It describes her as a strong woman of valor (Proverbs 31:10, 25), willing to work with her hands (Proverbs 31:13); she is worth more than rubies and pearls (Proverbs 31:10), and only kindness is found on her lips (Proverbs 31:26).

Dear sister, this one thing I know… there is no virtue or valor outside of Jesus Christ. BUT in Him we are clothed in strength and honor (Proverbs 31:25). Outside of Jesus we are none of these things and hold no righteous beauty in and of ourselves. BUT as blood bought, Word of God washed, the Bride of Christ – we possess every single attribute described here in Proverbs 31. This is because when God looks at us, you and me, He sees His Son, Jesus, who is PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL – and you are clothed in HIM.

Consider His great love. Proverbs 31:10 says, “who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.” Jesus found us, His bride and bought us with a price far beyond rubies! (Matthew 13:45, 46; 1 Peter 1:18, 19).

We are clothed in His righteousness. No matter the hours spent at the “loom” our best efforts are still just filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6). BUT, He clothes us in the garments of salvation and covers us with the robe of righteousness (Isaiah 61:10). We are clothed in strength and honor (Proverbs 31:25) because in Him the weak are made strong (2 Corinthians 12:9).

Proverbs 31 describes a strong woman who, equips herself with strength [spiritual, mental, and physical fitness for her God-given task] And makes her arms strong, (Proverbs 31:17 Amplified Version) Today, you may be well aware of your weakness or lack of spiritual, mental, and physical fitness. BUT Jesus says, Come unto me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest, (Matthew 11:28). His strength is made perfect in our weakness, (2 Corinthians 12:9).

Proverbs 31 describes a wise woman who radiates beauty. Jesus is wisdom and He calls us to shine for Him. We are a light set on a hill. May His presence radiate from our lives and His counsel be found on our lips, (Proverbs 31:26).

Proverbs 31 can be read as a high pressure, unattainable checklist or through the eyes of faith – looking for Jesus. Proverbs 31 is a picture of perfection – BUT we know the One who is perfect and the perfecter of our faith – Jesus Christ. Through Him we’ve been sealed, bought with His precious blood; wooed by the Victor Himself. He has chosen us. He bought the field and purchased us – His pearl of great price. He calls us righteous, beloved, faithful because He is faithful to complete the work He has begun.  He crowns us with beauty and we are held in the hand of our Lord. That hand, His strong arm does us good so we can do good to others. He is Wisdom and the depths of His riches are far beyond our finding out. Yet, He fills us with all knowledge and understanding as we draw close to Him. He doesn’t grow weary. His strength is made perfect in our weakness so we can walk in good works, serve one another in humility, and do all things well.  He is our Treasure, the Light of the World, our hope. We can smile at our future, we are covered in scarlet and there is no fear because His blood has cleansed us from all unrighteousness!!

That my friends is a Proverbs 31 woman – It’s all about Jesus!!! Look to Him, fill your mind with Him, for only through Him are we complete, (Colossians 2:9)