A Note From the Editor: August, 2017

(Photo by Sarah Komisky)

A Note From the Editor: August, 2017
Why Jesus Loves the Underdogs

By Selma Komisky

Anyone who knows me knows that as far as I can remember, even as a young child, I was always a cheerleader for the “underdog.” In case you’re not familiar with what a underdog means, according to Websters Dictionary it is defined as a person, team, etc. that is expected to lose a contest, game or battle. An underdog is somebody who is at a disadvantage or is least likely to succeed. For me, these are the people I want to know because I want to see the “little guy” overcome!

I reflected back to my third grade class when I would befriend a blind girl or the time when my ten-year-old heart would hurt when the chubby kid in my class got picked on by our teacher or when I reached out to the unpopular kids to play or share my things with. Today, I’ve stayed true to my roots in coming alongside the “underdog.” In life, I’ve had a heart for special needs kids and adults. I’ve been the underdog as a cancer patient and then a survivor who continues to cheer anyone who is fighting that battle. I’ve helped feed and pray for the homeless and made a conscious effort to be a friend to the friendless. I guess you can say that passion was instilled in me by the true advocate for all underdogs. His name is Jesus.

You see, Jesus loves the underdog. First of all, He himself was one. and second, He reached out to the underdog. He used ordinary people to do extraordinary things for His kingdom and gave them victory! For example, the young shepherd boy David fought the giant Goliath in 1 Samuel 17:45-46 and won becoming king. Jesus chose to first appear after His resurrection to Mary Magdalene (John 20:11-18) who at one time was demon possessed and also a prostitute. Jesus also healed a leper in Luke 5:12-16 and touched him as well as others who were sick. All of these case studies illustrate the beautiful picture that God chooses to use those who the world views as weak, (1 Corinthians 1:27-29).

This August issue here at Marked Ministry, we are featuring underdog stories and issues like cyber bulling (when someone is being bullied, threatened, intimidated or harassed via social media, text or images anonymously) as well as judging someone just because they are single. Additionally, we will share courageous stories from women that deal with alopecia, fear and an auto immune disease. Highlighted will also be articles on standing up for what is right as an underdog in school, the workplace and as a female. Our desire is to shed light on these subjects, to bring the hope of our Savior Jesus Christ who always overcomes and to spark love that turns into action.

May you love like Jesus,