Making Jesus Your Prince of Peace

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Making Jesus Your Prince of Peace

By Michelle Ochen

Peace – just the echo of the word yields desire. Our souls long for peace as our lungs long for air. We know Christ has come to be our peace, but how often we live in lack and longing of such a state. The announcement of Isaiah made it clear that One would be our Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6).
If we know the answer for the peace we yearn for, the question to be asked is not how do we make Jesus our Prince of Peace, because He already is, but how do we allow Jesus to be the peace He is in our daily lives.

The foundation for peace comes from a certainty of salvation. Have you allowed His grace to lead you to repentance? Great peace comes to the soul that knows the end of the story, and gives strength to battle whatever comes his way within the story. Despite hardship, darkness, and trial, knowing that victory, new life, and glory await gives a life peace. Once the foundation is laid, we can explore more ways to find Jesus as our Prince of Peace in our daily lives. I want to highlight a story from Scripture and leave you with a new view on the idea of peace.

Recall the story of Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist. We read that something rested upon His shoulders–a dove. More detail tells us that the Holy Spirit rested upon Him in the form of a dove. Let us pause and think on this, of all the animals to display the Spirit of God, a dove was chosen? Yes, a dove.

Doves are unique birds because they are timid and can easily shy away. They make soothing sounds, and can only focus on one thing at a time. The word of God tells us that we may find perfect peace when we fix our eyes upon God (Isaiah 26:3). Just as a dove can only be fixed upon one thing, so we must fix our eyes upon our Prince of Peace.
I want to focus more on this idea of how easily doves shy away; they flee from disruptive surroundings. If we desire Jesus as our Prince of Peace and his involvement in the day to day moments of life, we must be mindful of the dove. Paint the picture in your mind. The dove rested upon Jesus’ shoulders, – how easily it could of shied away, – but it remained because the character of Jesus welcomed the sitting dove.

We all desire peace. We all desire the benefits of the anchor peace brings, but the question we must ask ourselves is, “Does my character welcome the dove? Do I perhaps lack the peace I so long for because I do not conduct myself in an atmosphere welcoming of the dove? Do I react to things in my own flesh and do things in my own strength habitually that I shy away the dove from guiding and leading my responses and abilities? Do I lack the peace I desire because I try to make my own peace by being always in control?”

To truly allow Jesus to be our Prince of Peace means allowing Jesus to take full control. As the Spirit rested upon Jesus, we see a life of full surrender lived out – even to Calvary’s cross. “Does my life follow the same path? Does my character welcome the dove? Does my speech entertain the dove? Does my heart allow Jesus to be the Prince of Peace that He desires to be in the life of an abandoned heart?

Take a moment to examine your heart – do you feel peace? Then take a moment to ask yourself the questions we explored. Peace Himself is near, ready to inhabit ever part of your life and heart. Are you ready for Him alone to be Prince, Ruler, and King?