Fall Inspiration From Uganda

(Photo by Savannah Lawrence)

Fall Inspiration From Uganda
Cleaning Out the Closet 

By Michelle Ochen

Ever opened your closet and immediately things are falling to the ground? Ever heard that little voice in your head, “Gosh, I have so much stuff!” Our minds know the truth that if we have  too many things for proper places, then we have too many improper things; yet acting upon this is something we push to the back closets of our minds. “I’ll get to it later we say,” but later never comes; instead, we accumulate more and more, and each time you open that closet, stuff keeps falling out.

As we enter into the season of fall, we see the leaves blowing in the wind. We see their colors changing as they gracefully dance to the ground. We see less sunshine and cooler temperatures. All around us we acknowledge change taking place. What if we too took this season as an opportunity to make a change? What if we decided that this fall we would collect the things that keep falling out of the closet and let them fall into the hands of those in need?

Currently, I live in a third world country and live in the midst of poverty. My day to day does not encounter stuffed closets, but rather closets with few or torn clothing. Last month when I struggled to close my dresser drawers properly, I took an inventory of my closet. Between myself and a couple friends, we gathered a large pile of clothes we simply didn’t have space for and realized we did not need. We packed them up and headed into the village. Home by home we were able to give out clothes to women in need. The gratefulness in their smiles made giving away something precious and rewarding. New outfits, and for most, now the nicest outfit in their wardrobe. By the end of the day, we were able to bless a community of woman simply by viewing our closets realistically and letting the unnecessary things fall out.

You may not have the opportunity to give out your clothes to Africa, as I do, but you do have opportunity to help those in need around you. Within a nation of families who have recently lost much through hurricane and fire, need is not far from your closet. I too come from first world America, and I know what it means to have an overflowing closet. I’m aware of the new trend to choose 30 articles and live simply for three months—of which I think is a great thing! But as trendy as this new idea is, it is most important that we view things realistically and realize the blessing that comes when we let overabundance fall out of our possession and into the hands of those in need. If you have been blessed with much, it comes with responsibility. Let it fall, let it help one in need–let that outfit you haven’t worn in a year make one in need feel beautiful. Let things fall and you will pick up the blessings of giving.