Q&A: Chelsea Crockett

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Q&A: Chelsea Crockett

By Sarah Komisky

Social media made history in 2005 with the birth of YouTube. Before that, people were still using those things called video cameras (Google it). But seriously, besides creating cheesy home made films and documenting holidays with friends and fam, cameras were reserved for those in the industry, not everyday life. We had to wait for MTV to show that music video we loved and there was no way anyone was thinking of making a career out of uploading videos. Years later, boy, things have changed! People just like you and I have become internet celebs (better known as YouTubers) and one that has experienced that type of success is 19-year-old Chelsea Crockett. Hailing from the suburbs of St. Louis, she started her channel at thirteen and has since multiplied her views with 2.5 million fans. Along with her channel (BeautyliciousInsider), Chelsea is an ambassador for Elevated Faith Bracelets & Apparel, a speaker, and a writer who is debuting her first book release this October entitled, “Your Own Beautiful: Advice and Inspiration. We at Marked Ministry had the pleasure of catching up with her to talk about beginnings, role models, favorite Youtubers, and personal stories and struggles that inspired her new book. Enjoy!

For starters, maybe you can share how you became a YouTuber and why you wanted to create videos?

Chelsea: When I was 13-years-old I got inspired by all the content I saw on YouTube. Especially comedy. I loved watching YouTube for hours on end. One of my favorite YouTubers, Michelle Phan, inspired me to start my channel. So I recorded my first video on a webcam in 8th grade.

Now, having many subscribers, how do you hope to reach this generation that is so much the “YouTube generation?”

Chelsea: As this generation is moving more towards YouTube content and video content in general, I hope to reach every person in a unique and individual way. By being genuine and authentic to myself, I hope to inspire others to do the same. I believe owning up to our mistakes and downfalls truly brings hope and healing to nearly any situation.

VidCon 2017 just got wrapped up this past summer and I know you were there. What was the experience like this year?

Chelsea: Vidcon was a blast this year! Warm weather, food trucks, meet and greets, and secretly freaking out over your favorite YouTubers…what more could you ask for?! My favorite highlight was hanging out with one of my subscribers. We went to the pool, ate lunch together, and had some deep conversations that I’ll never forget.

You’ve also dabbled in TV, running your website (BeautyLiciousInsider) becoming an ambassador for Elevated Faith Bracelets & Apparel, and have even collaborated with Seventeen Magazine. Overall, I would consider you very business savvy! How do you find balance in it all?

Chelsea: Finding balance in life is not easy for anyone. I don’t believe you can truly find “balance” in life and that’s why it’s beautiful. I find chaos fun because I love having many things to manage at once. So, I love this beautifully chaotic life I live.

On BeautyLiciousInsider you have so many fun and trendy posts. How do you come up with new content?

Chelsea: Coming up with new content on so many platforms is a challenge, but it’s one I gladly take on. I enjoy looking up what everyone is searching into Google!

One of the newest adventures you can add to your list is becoming an author of your very own book, “Your Own Beautiful.” Congrats! What inspired you to write this book and why? 

Chelsea: Thank you! I am so excited for this message to get out to the world, and I believe it will benefit many women and girls. “Your Own Beautiful” contains many of my own personal stories, struggles, and even some beauty tips! I was inspired to write this book by the many women I’ve encountered who are discouraged in who they are. I want each and every person who picks this book up to know who they are in Christ by the time they’re finished reading it.

In this book, what were the subjects or topics that impacted you the most?

Chelsea: The topics that impacted me the most while writing this book were my struggles with depression, and not knowing where to step next/knowing where God wanted me. I really hope those chapters help others.

So many young girls look up to you and will probably tune into this article because they think you’re so cool. How do you want to use your platform to positively point others to Christ?

Chelsea: I want to use my platform to point others to walk deeply in their relationship with Jesus. You can read so many books, quotes, and inspiring devotionals, but the most important book you’ll ever pick up is the Word of God.

You’ve become a role model, but I want to know who are your role models and why? 

Chelsea: I’d say one of the women that I look up to is my mom, because she is one of the most loving people I know. Another person I’d say I look up to is Lysa Terkeurst. She’s humble, knowledgeable, and is willing to help anyone when they need it.

Here’s a question for fun: name the top three YouTube Channels you subscribe to?

Chelsea: Top three channels? Oh my gosh this is hard. I love Jess and Gabriel. They’re the cutest vlogging couple. Also Marcus and Kristin (another vlogging couple). Lastly, my friend Charis, or CharismaStarTv!

Last question: how do you want to encourage readers to discover their “own beautiful?”


Chelsea: I believe you all can discover your own beautiful by digging deeper than what social media says about beauty, than what other people say about you, or even what you say about yourself! Your identity is rooted in the fullness of the One who created you. You are fully loved and fully known by the Creator of the universe and you can do nothing to change that. How beautiful.

For more on Chelsea visit: chelseacrockett.com