Scary Movies: To See or Not To See?

(Photo by Selma Komisky) 

Scary Movies: To See or Not To See?

By Roselyn Barrios

It’s that time of year where leaves are falling, the weather is changing, and of course scary movies are coming out. People these days are getting so excited about new scary movies that are about to come out. I wouldn’t recommend seeing those kind of movies like “It” and “Happy Death Day.” I mean, yeah they do get you jumpy, nervous, or excited but they aren’t as good as you think.

Reasons why you shouldn’t watch these movies:


It may seem cool that you watch scary movies but in God’s eyes it’s like He’s watching you watch the devil because that’s what scary movies are – they are signs from the devil. With all the blood, scary looking creatures, and even sometimes those movies that have people act like the devil, isn’t a good thing.


Having actors play as demons, or act like they are possessed, can really ruin a kid or teen’s mind.


If you watch it, then sometimes it can haunt you and time after time you could loose faith in God. You’re probably wondering, “How can we loose faith from watching a movie?” Well let me tell you, sometimes after watching these movies, you might start to think that there is only bad in the world. We don’t want to loose faith in Him because He is great and great things will come if you just believe.

What if You Already Watched These Movies?:

You are not alone, I have seen movies that are a little scary whenever I’m with friends at a sleepover but, as I’m writing I’m also giving myself advise as well. I’m just like you, I’m 13 and there are kids our age who don’t know Jesus so they just watch scary or inappropriate movies and not only that, they also do dumb stuff. If you believe in God, stay away from all that because those sins can separate your relationship with God. So, let’s say you have seen scary movies, just know that they are fake and either way God is always going to be on your side. It is fun to watch movies but, know your limit to which movies to watch or not.

I hope this has helped you all during this time of year. Remember, don’t be afraid of anything that may come your way. If you have any questions just email us and we will get to you as soon as we can. I hope you all have a great October and may God bless you throughout your life.