Seasons of Singleness

(Photo by By Savannah Lawrence)

Seasons of Singleness

By Savannah Lawrence

Fall is almost here. It is almost time for sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes and for some, like me, another season of realizing that you’re still single. What is it about the cold weather that makes us single ladies feel so alone? Is it the couples we see walking hand in hand, the holiday season creeping up on us or that eerie feeling of thinking that we need a special someone to spend time with? Am I preaching to the choir?

When you’re single during the change of seasons, you experience feelings that always seem to be annual. For example, when the leaves change to a beautiful burnt orange and pumpkin patches are popping up everywhere, it is more often than not, being single is amplified through the cold air. When those leaves finally fall to the ground, you are now entering the holiday season of singleness. Christmas lights are twinkling, the smell of hot chocolate is in the air and couples everywhere are kissing under the mistletoe. What a blend of love and happiness to really make yourself feel single! Don’t forget about those Hallmark movies that seem to be on whenever you feel low. It’s fun to joke about feeling this way, but in all seriousness, it isn’t always a hoot and a holler. I always find myself trying to “cure” my singleness, almost as if I am running away from it. Why is running away from singleness an instinct?

Growing up with love portrayed in entertainment or from the love between a married couple, you tend to notice that singleness is never portrayed in a glamorous way. Society’s view of what it means to be single is always taken to drastic measures and is far from what God says about it. There are countless movies and T.V. shows that portray singles going through life in all the wrong ways. They go to parties, tangle up with the wrong people and continue to fall deeper into the feeling of truly being single. Being alone. And the feeling of being alone in a world that is screaming at you to be with someone is overwhelming. How do you go through these seasons of change while you’re single, especially as a Christian single?

Dive into the word and learn about what God wants for you and who He is while in the season of singleness. Hebrews 13:5 is a passage for you to tuck in the back of your mind or write on your mirror. In those moments of feeling alone remember that God says, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5). The God that created you; the God that knows how many hairs are on your head, is the God that wants to do incredible work through you while you are single. It’s the best time to do it! No restrictions and your attention is completely freed up. A blend that will help grow the Kingdom of God. How do you get in the mindset of using your singleness for good? The key is to be content with what God has already provided for us and to trust that He knows what is good for us. God will fill our desires and He promises it to us in Psalm 34:7. Take a leap of faith and see what can be done through your singleness. Being single can be a battle, but plant your roots deep in God. Through Him you will be stronger than the cold winds of singleness during the changing of seasons.