Fun Ways to Celebrate Christmas and New Years

(Photo by Sarah Komisky)

Fun Ways to Celebrate Christmas and New Years

By the Marked Ministry Team

“Jesus was always the focal point growing up. I have awesome memories of my family and I going to this live drive-in nativity in my home town. You drive in your car and hear the Christmas story on the radio while you eat a candy cane (awesome!) It was always a great reminder of what the holiday truly means. I also grew up doing advent calendars with my family and today, I still get extremely excited when it’s December 1st to focus each day on Christ and His birth. 

– Sarah Komisky

“Christmas: get a group of friends, a car, and a jar of eggnog and drive around neighborhoods Christmas light sight-seeing. Take a vote on the best dressed home of the year!

New Years: gather around the table and everyone share your best moment of 2017 and your biggest goal that you hope to share as “completed or checked off” for 2018 to share around the table the coming year.”

– Michelle Ochen

“When someone is in a relationship I believe they should spend time with both families during these holidays. If family isn’t around, they could have a little party with close friends and watch movies. They could have a feast with music and dancing going on.”

– Roselyn Barrios

“I’m a home body, so I love to snuggle up with family during Christmas or New Year’s and watch seasonal movies with hot apple cider and good food by the fire in my pajamas! I love just being myself and relaxing during the holidays. Although going out is fun, nothing beats quality time at home in a cozy environment with the ones I love!” 

– Kyle Jane Heskett

“The best way to celebrate the holidays is to celebrate ahead of time! I love throwing cookie decorating parties before Christmas. It’s a tradition that began with my aunt inviting my sister and I over to decorate gingerbread men. Do this with your family and/or friends and it’ll be a hit! For New Years I tend to just stay at home especially since I’m a mom of two now. Late nights are a normal thing for me, so I opt out of late night celebrating and instead do a New Year’s Day party.”

– Hannah Jacob

“Christmas: My friends and I will usually get together and have a little Christmas party. We all make our own “ugly Christmas sweater” and bring our favorite cookies for a cookie exchange. We also have either a cookie decorating or ornament decorating contest. Winner takes home the batch of cookies they want. 

New Years: I usually stay home with my family and watch all the Hallmark movies with some of our favorite junk food. And for New Years Eve, we grab some movies and make tamales at my aunts house.”

– Maxine O’Loane