Our Note to Guys: Photo Shoot

(Photos by Selma Komisky)

Our Note to Guys: Photo Shoot

By Sarah Komisky

A gentleman is defined as chivalrous. My friend Michael fits this definition. A few years ago, when I didn’t know anyone at a get-together, Michael was the first one to reach out to me across a dinner table. With his friendly nature, humor, and creativity, he made me feel welcome and there a new friendship began. His ability to strive to connect with others is always something I admired. But then there is also his adventurous spirit used to drive him to do new things for God.

As long as I’ve known Michael, I’ve always appreciated his knack for seizing each moment, enjoying life, and creatively making a difference wherever God calls him. Michael inspires me to live life vibrantly and to never be embarrassed to simply be yourself (which often calls for frequent spontaneous dance parties). Michael has always been quick to admit he doesn’t have it all together but is continually striving towards becoming, as he says, “a mighty man of God.”

In a time where men are getting more and more backlash and ladies are wondering where all the good guys have gone, I pray this shoot would inspire you to take a look around you. Gentlemen aren’t easy to find, but they do exist. It could be your brother, your pastor, your boyfriend, your dad, or your friend. Take time to appreciate the traits God uniquely gave to them and let them know how it’s been a blessing to your life. Ladies, we have the opportunity to play a role in speaking life into their lives so let’s be that voice to the godly guys in our lives. May you enjoy this shoot featuring one of gentleman I’ve been blessed to call a friend. This shoot goes out to all of you. May it inspire you to be the man God created you to be.