The Beauty of Friendship: Photo Shoot

(Photos by Selma Komisky)

The Beauty of Friendship: Photo Shoot

By Sarah Komisky

Friendships are underrated. I’m serious. Some of us feel like we have a big “L” stamped on our forehead if we find ourselves single on February 14th, but that is absolutely not true. After hearing from a lot of people who were hating on the holiday or simply sulking because they didn’t have a date, I felt it would only be fit to inspire all you singles to embrace and enjoy Valentine’s Day. Yeah, that’s right, enjoy it. Put down the chocolates and pick up the phone and organize a day out with your friends because this holiday isn’t just about celebrating romantic love. I truly believe Valentine’s Day is also about celebrating and being thankful for the special bond that exists between those who appreciate and accept you for who you are: your friends! And, since friendships should be cherished and valued, I also believe it’s important to take time to enjoy the special season you have together. So, I did just that with my friends, Iris and Michael. This shoot captures the memories we made this Valentine’s Day. We invite you to come hangout and enjoy the fun, the laughter, the style and, of course, the quirkiness. Happy Valentine’s Day!

PS: Iris and Michael, here’s to more freams 🙂