Fresh Pastels: A Spring 2018 Preview

(Feature Photo by Natalie Baugh. Clothing photos courtesy of Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Pinterest, and Topshop)

Fresh Pastels: A Spring 2018 Preview

By Maxine O’Loane

Whether you’re a die-hard fashionista who loves to keep with the latest trends, or just a simple girl who wants to switch up her wardrobe, then I have one word for you… PASTELS! Carly Cushnie, fashion designer and owner of Cuhnie et Ochs, says, “Life’s too short to wear boring clothes.”  I’m pretty sure all my chic little black dress and distressed jeans and band tee girls just gasped a little, but give this article a chance and I promise it’s not as scary as you may think. When I say the word “pastel”, what comes to mind? For me, three things cross my mind: Easter dresses at family parties, soft blues and pinks at baby showers, and brunch dates with the girls at a local bistro in the middle of spring. Now, this is going to sound crazy, but what if I told you that any girl can incorporate pastels into her favorite outfit and ROCK it! Yes, I do mean any girl. All it takes is finding the piece with the perfect fit and being willing to take a little risk.

Keep it Casual:

For those of us who can’t go a day without our favorite pair of skinny jeans and baseball cap, this one’s for you. Style wise, there’s not much of a risk here when it comes to fit, because what girl doesn’t love a comfortable pullover, right? Which makes this pale pink sweater the perfect way to add some new hues to your closet. Just pair it with your favorite cap and sneakers, then you’re good to go!







Sweater Weather:

This one is for all the girls who live for any excuse to pull out their oversized sweaters, every chance they get. Whether their chunky knit, “grandma style”, sweater dress, or cropped to perfection, with the right piece you can incorporate pastels into your everyday go-to outfits. For those cute crop tops that are just a little too short to wear daily, try pairing it with a high waisted skirt or a pastel colored overall dress. And if you find a color that you absolutely love but can’t figure out what to match it with, when in doubt…high waisted jeans are always a good idea.







Business Chic:

Have you been wanting to try to change up your style around the office, but aren’t quite sure how to make the big switch without catching too much attention? Believe it or not, adding some pastels as either statement pieces or subtle touches to an office look is easier than you may think. For those casual Fridays or lunches with some of your favorite co-workers, try switching out your black and navy-blue blazers for some two piece sets in a lighter shade.

Trendy Trenches:

Just in case you haven’t heard, trenches have been trending everywhere lately, in every color, pattern, and length you can imagine. So obviously, I had no choice but to include some of my favorites in this list. And even though I don’t have any pastel trenches currently in my closet (mostly plaids and anything nude) I have been keeping an eye out for my next go to, and I’ll let you know when I find it. Here are just a few of my favorite combos that can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Preppy in Pink:

For all my girls obsessed with everything pink, did you really think I’d leave you out? How could I when the first color that crossed my mind when I thought about pastels was, of course, pink! And when I think of pink, I immediately think of preppy. The great thing is, there’s so many different ways to add your touch with some pale pinks, rose golds, and peaches. Dress your best with a pair of pastel slacks and a dainty top. Tone it town with a faded flowy tee and your favorite ripped jeans. And if you’re feeling extra fierce, how about pairing a pink “pleather” jacket with that cozy sweater you’ve been dying to wear?

Fearlessly Fashionable:

Cheesy title, I know. But it was the best I could come up with to describe those willing to take some big risks. Where most would add a pastel colored bag or some shoes as a pop of color, these fashionistas take it a step further and wear a jumpsuit or busy patterned skirt without hesitation. Although I would love to wear some of these beauty’s outfits, I think I still need some time before I take it to the next level. If you’re ready to take your style up a notch, why not dress up and try a funky pattern skirt with a cropped sweater, or some soft pink corduroy pants with your favorite sneakers for a more laid back yet extremely stylish look? I’ll be honest with you, as I’m writing this I’m debating on going back and buying those pants for myself… we’ll see if I can convince myself before this article is over.

Accessory Queens:

Don’t think I forgot about all my accessory queens, who love to add a pop of color anywhere they can. I’m a shoe girl at heart, so as I was looking for some of these outfits I couldn’t help but wonder just how “doable” pastel shoes could be. And I’m happy to say, they are extremely doable, not just for my fellow shoe overs but for anyone else who want to try some of these colors with more of a subtle touch. So, here are a few of my favorites and I hope that you’re just as excited to build your next outfit around them as I was.

So, there you have it! A quick guide on how to shed a little light on your wardrobe by simply adding a few softer hues to your go-to color scheme.  Whether its rocking a baby blue blazer to the next meeting in the office, your favorite sneakers and a cap with a pale pink pullover or being daring enough to wear a monochromatic romper for a night out with the girls, if you’re up for it pastels can easily make their way into your closet. You just need to be up for the challenge. On that note, it looks like I’ve got some cute corduroys calling my name, so I hope this list helped spark an interest in your style a bit.

Happy Shopping!