How-To: 5 Legit Tips to Getting Tousled Waves 

(Photo by Natalie Baugh)

How-To: 5 Legit Tips to Getting Tousled Waves

By Hannah Mitchell

It doesn’t look like there will EVER be an end to this trend, so here are some tips to get these wondrous waves:

  1. First and foremost the best hair canvas for a perfect beach wave is clean air-dried hair or start by rough drying your strands using a blowdryer; no round brushing necessary.
  2. If you’re on day 2 of your hair, not a problem! Let’s be real… most of us don’t wash our hair everyday, so a dry shampoo is going to be your new best friend! If you have a local hair salon who supplies Living Proof “Perfect Hair Day”, I highly recommend their product. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper and more convenient at your local grocery or drug store, Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo is an awesome Go-To and even works great with up-dos.
  3. A curling wand is the key to an easy, tousled wave. I prefer a tapered wand, which starts wider and tapers down to a smaller barrel (Think inverted triangle). Pull the hair tight above your head and only go about halfway up your hair, leaving out the very ends of your hair while making sure the tip of the wand is pointed down toward the ground. When you release the hair from the wand, you can do one of two things: For a tighter wave, scrunch each section while the hair is still warm, OR, pull on the section after releasing it from the wand for a loser wave. Always use your fingers to run through your hair; no brushes allowed.
  4. We want the waves to be in place all day, without weighing the hair down. Another key to tousled hair is finding the right hairspray, which won’t leave the hair too sticky. Find a light weight hairspray. Sexy Hair “Soy Weightless Hairspray” is a great choice and can be found in several stores. And remember when using, less is more.
  5. An alternative to hairspray, which may be more beneficial for those with flat, thinning, or naturally straight hair, is using a sea salt spray. Always use the sea sat spray as the last step in your styling process. Spritz only on your ends and lightly scrunch your hair. The Sea Salt spray will add that extra texture and keep that beachy look locked in longer. I recommend Bumble and Bumble’s version of the product; however, there are also many DIY how-to’s on the internet that seem to be just as effective.

Remember, we’re going for tousled waves, so perfection isn’t necessary. Find what works best for you and have fun with it!