Women Who Were Changed by the Supernatural, Saving Power of God

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Women Who Were Changed by the Supernatural, Saving Power of God
A Discussion on Strength as Seen in the Bible – Part 1

By Michele Massie

The first Woman of Faith is named Jochebed. Her name means “The Glory of Jehovah.” Her story begins in Exodus Chapter 2. Jochebed and her husband Amram are slaves in Egypt under the rule of Pharaoh. As the population of the Jewish people exploded, Pharaoh became fearful the children of Israel might overtake the Egyptians, and gave an order to the Hebrew midwives to kill the Jewish baby boys as soon as they were born.

During this fearful and oppressive time, Jochebed became pregnant. In her devotion to God and her zeal to serve Him, she devised a clever plan. When the baby was three months old and she could no longer hide him from the Egyptian authorities she began weaving together papyrus leaves and coating them with pitch. Instead of allowing her baby to be drowned in the dangerous, crocodile infested Nile River, she created a vessel protected by God.

Jochebed placed him into the basket and released him into the river, with his sister Miriam watching from afar. As the basket began to drift along the shoreline among the reeds, Pharaoh’s daughter came to wash in the river.  She saw the basket and sent her maids to pull it from the river. Opening it she saw a beautiful, weeping Hebrew infant. Miram approached the princess and offered to find a Hebrew woman to nurse him, and Jochebed was the perfect choice, and she even received a salary!

Jochebed’s decision not to fear the murderous plan of the pharaoh, but rather have faith in the superhero, superpowers of God, saved Moses the deliverer from destruction. The baby Hebrew boy, who was raised in the Pharaohs courts, became Moses the deliverer of the Israelites!

Our next Hero of the Faith is Deborah, whos name means “Honey Bee.” She was both a prophetess and a judge. Deborah’s story is in the 4th and 5th chapters of the book of Judges, where we read that wickedness was rampant in the land of Israel.  In the midst of this evil, Deborah decided to serve God with all her heart and not follow after other gods. She was a righteous judge, following the Lord’s commands, and He made her a powerful leader.

Deborah had the difficult job of confronting a military leader named Barak, who did not want to go into battle even though the Lord had commanded him to do so.  Barak gave an ultimatum; he would only lead the troops into war if she would go with him. Deborah accepted, recognizing it as a superhuman high calling, especially for a woman of that era. This warrior knew where her help came from, and that is was God who gave her supernatural gifting to go and fight the enemy and depend on God’s deliverance. They defeated the powerful army that fought against them, and Deborah became known as a courageous warrior in the land.  After this great conquest over the enemy of God’s people, Deborah wrote chapter 5 in the Book of Judges as a song of worship and praise to God, for His mighty saving power!

Jochebed and Deborah are just two examples of Wonder Women in the Bible.  Have you ever noticed that many of the storylines and characters presented to us today through TV, magazines, radio and feature films, are meant to impact and influence a person’s mind? Even commercials!

Today we know the superheroine Wonder Woman as a fictional superhero appearing in American Comic books, TV and most recently, a motion picture in the movie theaters.  In the character of “Wonder Woman,” I like to think there is a little piece of us all. We love her because she fights for good and is seemingly indestructible! But, may I suggest to you that this wonderful female fictional character was drafted straight from the Holy Scriptures…the Word of God…the Bible which has been described many times as, “The Greatest Story Ever Told!”