Dressing Out of Your Comfort Zone

(Feature photo by Lindsay O’Neil. Various fashion photos courtesy of Pinterest)

Dressing Out of Your Comfort Zone

By Maxine O’Loane

“Fashion is like eating. You should never stick to the same menu.”

-Kenzo Takada

Takada, a famous Japanese designer, has been making his mark in the fashion industry since the early seventies. When he first started out, he could only afford fabrics from the flea market, which meant that most of his earliest collections were a mix between bold patterns and prints. It was his willingness to take these types of risks that lead him to have shows in both New York and Tokyo, giving him the dramatic spin on each of his collections. Okay. History lesson over, and now that you have a little background about how he took risks making his clothes, what about you? Spring is among us, which means so are the next set of trends. There’s definitely a lot going on this season that can easily get you out of the comfort zone you’ve been cozily dressing in so here’s a few ways to inch your way out of it. I promise to take it easy on you and only stick to the basics, so if you’re up for the challenge keep scrolling.

Bolder is Better

When it comes to colors, this spring, saturation is key. The runways were filled with bright colors, both monochromatic and blocked. If monochromatic outfits are a little too far out of your comfort zone, you can always tone it down with a statement piece and add a few other bold accessories. This could mean finally dusting off those bright red heels that have been sitting in your closet and pairing them with a bold blazer or some earrings.


Fringe Binge 

Excuse the terrible play on words, obviously my naming tactics need a little work but you get the idea! Fringe is another way to spice up your wardrobe this spring. It can be a few tassels on your favorite blouse, that adorable 70’s inspired bag you picked up at the mall, and if you’re feeling a little extra funky try out some fringed jeans. Whether you’re going for that flower power feel or you just want a little extra flare, binging on some fringe basics is never a bad idea.

Denim Dreaming







I don’t know about you, but denim is a must have for me. Anything from dresses to button ups and of course the classic jeans. Good news is, jeans have been getting an upgrade lately, by taking a page from the 90s with some patchwork. This is probably one of the easiest ways to switch up your style without feeling too much pressure. The best part is, you can either buy denim with patches already on or you can grab some of your own and revamp your favorite pair of jeans at home.







Welcome Back Windbreakers

There is definitely a strong 90s vibe this season, with an urban touch. Also known as parkas, these trench-like coats are a great way to add some drama to any outfit. Pair it with distressed boyfriend jeans, a band tee and some chucks and you’re ready to hangout with some friends. Or dress it up with a cute top, pencil skirt and some heels and you’re ready for a night out on the town. Still not edgy enough? Well, then you’ll love this because they come in all lengths, colors, and patterns so just find the one that’s perfect for you!







Mix & Match

Remember when it when matching sets were a thing, so your choices were either color on color or a pattern with a plain color. Well, as a girl who loves mixing and matching her patterns those days are no more. Because this season is all about taking a risk with prints. So, step into your closet or head to the nearest thrift store and don’t be afraid to mix it up.

There you have it! The latest trends of Spring 2018, and regardless of where you fall on the “comfort zone” scale I’m sure at least one of these is in the realm or risk you’re willing to take. So if you take the more subtle route and add a pop of color here or mix some patterns and fringe there, I can guarantee you’ll have some fun with it. And whenever you feel like you’re in a style slump, just remember what Katada said, “Fashion is lie eating, you should never stick to the same menu.”