Dealing With Change 

(Photo by Roselyn Barrios)

Dealing With Change

By Roselyn Barrios

Welcome to another article for us teens. For most of you, high school is right around the corner. Middle School is close to ending its year and I know that some of us are kind of scared of what’s ahead of us at High School. It can be scary to even think of moving to a new school, but you aren’t alone. You may be the new kid that no one knows and you might not get a great first day, but it does get better as the year continues. As we end 8th grade, we might be thinking of our friends, and how we might lose them because they might be going to another school or they are just moving. You should always remember the great memories you had with them, but sometimes it’s best to move on to new friends. We can also stay with the other friends we have; it’s always good to have a friend while transitioning to another grade and school.

There are always different ways to deal with high school. We can talk to our parents if we aren’t feeling comfortable on the first day or we aren’t making any friends. Don’t be scared to talk to them or talk to your teachers because they are here to help us. We can also talk to our friends to see how they are handling it and try to help each other through it all. You will see changes throughout your four years left of school. We don’t have to be afraid of those because they will change our whole lives. There could also be bad people at high school and you should make sure you don’t get into those situations were you know you’re doing something wrong and those kids are making you do something you are not comfortable with.  Make sure you get into the right group of friends and that they will be the right kind of friends.

You should also try to be the right kind of friend someone would like to have because there is always someone at school who was feeling lonely and needs a friend. If you feel as if you are that lonely person at school, you should know that God is always there when you need him. He is always going to be our friend and he would like for you to talk to him if you are in need of guidance or just someone to talk to even if he doesn’t talk back. God will give you a sign that he’s listening because he always is and whatever you ask he will give you the right answer at one point your life. It will be either instantly or you might just have to wait for that answer.

High school is fun though, and I have heard from my friends that there are many activities there that you can do and new people that you can meet. Most kids at the school are very nice and they’ve been freshman at least once in their life, so they would know what you’re going through. Don’t be afraid of your future. Focus on your life right now because if you depend on your future you will miss what’s going on around you. Also, don’t be ashamed of who you are just because people look at you differently. Be the person that you’ve always been and try not to change yourself to impress people. If they can’t accept the person you are then they aren’t the people you should be around because some people will like the person you are and they wouldn’t want you to change. I hope you all have a great last year of middle school and I hope for the best in high school. God bless you all.