Album Review: ‘There is More’

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Album Review: ‘There is More’

By Delaney Mowers

The month of April brings many occasions: April showers, Easter, flowers, spring break, and new life. Along with all these things, this April is bringing a new album by Hillsong Worship, There is More, releasing on April 6th, 2018. This album will be featured on the “This is More Tour”, which is touring in 14 cities in North America with Hillsong Church’s lead pastor, Brian Houston.

Hillsong Worship, an Australia based band, is part of the Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia.  They began in 1983, and have since expanded across the globe and have released over 20 albums. Their new album, This is More, contains twelve songs, each with their own unique style and purpose.

Starting off the album, the song “Who You Say I Am” quickly ushers in Hillsong’s signature power and prose; the song is electrifying and uses its powerful lyrics to start the album off with the power and purpose we find in God.  Harnessing this same spiritual power and instrumental power, the song “You are Life” follows next and combines the band member’s voices and tones to create a beautiful melody for God. “The Passion” and “For God So Loved the World” follow up on Hillsong’s beautiful melodies and biblical themes in a way that keeps you wanting to listen to the music over and over again.

“Be Still” captivates next, singing out, “Your grace and mercy will follow me,” in a tone of reverence.  Slowing the album down, this song points back to the heart of Hillsong: the beauty and reverence that is God. “Remembrance” creates the same effect, using the vocals and music to point everything back to God.

The album really begins to shine in the second half, starting with “Valentine” and singing out “I am made to be yours.” These lyrics, and similar lyrics, infuse throughout the whole song and becomes stronger s the song continues on. “A Touch of Heaven” continues with this beautiful reverential tone, telling the amazing story of God’s love and leaving listeners yearning for more of this love and more of this song. Switching up the tempo, “Lettered Love” continues to sing of this love, as does “The Lord’s Prayer.” This song again points listeners back to God’s Kingdom, keeping with Hillsong’s theme of always pointing back to God.

The highlight of the album is perhaps the end of the album, first with “New Wine”, which speaks about the power of God and the all-powerful way God reigns over all.  The song sings, “Make me your vessel, make me whatever you want me to be”, hitting home God’s love to worshippers who seek to be shaped by God.  The end song, “So Will I (100 Billion X)”, is a special edition UNITED’s song, which is sung live by Taya Smith. This song is the perfect ending to a soul filled album that slowly points listeners more and more towards God’s ultimate power and love.

This album is on par with Hillsong’s usual talent and ability to position their music in a way that points to God.  It can be summed up by the word passion. The awe of the member’s voices and praise is evident, and takes their worship to the next level. This is an album that truly worships, and will truly facilitate awesome worship all over the world.