A Note From the Editor

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

A Note From the Editor: May, 2018

By Sarah Komisky

To begin this note is to retrace a passion. All of us have them. Google results expressed it this way: people, wellness, relationships, history, forms of self expression, and various parts of life such as positivity, sleeping, and even chickens! While I can’t say farming is my forte, I can say proclaiming the beauty and blessings of living a life marked with sexual integrity is.

Unlike any other sin, it seems like the ones attached to sexuality reap the most devastation on our lives and the lives of others. It is usually these sins that cause us the most sleepless nights and the most bitter tears. With gapping wounds and a residue of shame and guilt, many are living daily without hope. Too afraid to unveil the ugly pieces of ourselves, we stay with our secrets and suffer alone. But you are not alone.

Over the last several years, an awareness of this brokenness has risen to the surface of my heart as it’s tragically affected the lives of my friends and people that have come across my path in life. Through their painful confessions, God put my finger on the pulse of the subject of sexual addiction that is wrecking havoc on the lives of both men and women.

Their stories went like this….

“I found ________ on his phone.”

“I’ve been struggling again with ____________.”

“He left me because of ____________.”

“He lied to me about___________.”

“I’ve never told anyone ____________.”

“I feel shame because I’m a girl and struggle with ___________.”

“I feel I’m not enough because of ___________.”

“I began watching _________________ so he would love me.”

“I feel shame because I saw ______________.”

“I don’t know how to stop _____________.”

As these stories have come into my world, I felt God’s call to not leave it in the dark but bring it in the light through a message of hope. Jesus announced publicly during His ministry on earth that His mission to bring liberty to the captives and to those who are oppressed (Luke 4:18, ESV). We at Marked Ministry believe it is still His heart.

That is why this Issue is dedicated to the hope and healing given from the Bondage Breaker, Jesus Christ. Although we are surrounded by a culture of darkness, we believe the light and life of purity still shines and also saves.

So, we want to break the silence and gain ground through personal stories of recovery and discussions on hope, as well as uncovering relevant topics that deal with this pervasive issue. It is our prayer that you will find freedom, be equipped to live a life that honors God and others, and be filled with hope from the author of it – Jesus Christ.