Concert and Film Review: ‘25 in 24’ Tour

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Concert and Film Review: ‘25 in 24’ Tour

By Sarah Komisky

If you had 24 hours to live your dream, what would it be? For Jon Foreman, the answer was simple: create. The San Diego native is apart of a legendary band, a successful solo artist, and crafty lyricist, but he isn’t quite finished yet. A pioneer of his time, Jon decided to rise above all odds and take the challenge to play 25 shows in 24 hours.

10 AM on October 24th marked the beginning of an unparalleled event; 76 songs in 25 places that ponder the polarity of the human experience. To encapsulate the journey, Foreman and friends created a documentary to share the story that, in the words of Foreman, was spurred purely for the sake of music and music alone. Hence, the 25 in 24 tour was born. Staying true to Foreman’s unconventional style, the artist blended both worlds of film and music to showcase the wonder he discovered when he first created his latest records.

This incredible evening was divided into two unique components of art. First, the attention is devoted to the film and the second offers a piece of the original 25 in 24 experience to the audience through live performance.

This past April, I was honored to be apart of this amazing journey! Tucked away in a small upper room at Azusa Pacific University, concert-goers casually packed into the venue to the sounds of Bob Dylan. Eagerly, the crowd awaits for the dimming of lights. Announcements begin, Jon gives an intro, and the film shows on the big screen.

Opening is Jon’s musings over life, death, and dreams all to the backdrop of various beachy scenery. Interrupting the monologue are the voices of friends and family whom Jon invites into his thought process – 25 shows in 24 hours. With funny, candid moments, the dream unfolds and the team catches a vision. Jon and his crew map out unexpected ventures from his hometown as his friends and family gear up for the adventure of a lifetime.

Closely following Jon’s road trip, the film highlights memorable shows at out-the-ordinary venues like a gas station, children’s hospital, and s park where his mom joins in for a duet. Discovering purpose, beauty, and joy in the light and the shadows of life, Jon inspires film watchers to make life count and live your dreams.

Featuring songs from Foreman’s The Wonderland’s EP’s, the audience was able to transition to hear these songs performed live with Jon and some of his documentary musician friends.  Opening with the song “Terminal” was a dramatic finger pick by Foreman, a driving drumbeat and inquisitive chello from bandmates that made this opener memorable. Moving into a laid back jam session, Foreman offers audience members a chance to alter his hand written set list and the response was well taken!

Moving from acoustic folk to the rock inspired anthem “Patron Saint of Rock and Roll” featured an array of instruments with impressive arrangement that included harmonica and trombone. Foreman then transitioned to the Switchfoot single, “I Won’t Let You Go,” and then to the quiet acapella, “All God’s Children.”

Additionally, the night also featured renditions of solo classics like “House of God forever”, joined by his violinist. In turn, audience members were also able to enjoy old-school throwbacks like “Dare You to Move” and the classically brilliant, “Only Hope.”

Other noteworthy songs included “Before Our Time,” “Caroline,” “Resurrect Me,” and “Your Love is Enough.”

Complete with an encore, Jon and friends took a bow, and his final words were thanking the audience for letting him live out his dreams and an encouragement for us to do the same. Journey complete.

Dream big and enjoy the experience by catching the 25 in 24 film on Amazon, Google Play, and Netflix. Find out more by visiting