The Beauty of Hope: Photo Shoot

(Photos by Selma Komisky)


The Beauty of Hope: Photo Shoot

By Sarah Komisky

Statistics show that 57% of 18-14 year-olds are actively seeking out pornography. Teens and young adults also consider “not recycling” more immoral than viewing pornography(,) while only 31% of young adults say it is bad for society. According to this same study the reason for viewing pornography is because sex is now defined as self-fulfillment. Among millennials, what is being labeled the “porn phenomenon” has enticed a generation of teens and young adults who have now created self-made pornography instantaneously as introduced through social media. New moral codes that say people should do and feel what works for them has created a numbing effect to the rising epidemic where 1 in 4 kids will be exposed to pornography before they hit puberty. Watching an average of 10 hours of media per person, value has been placed in a women’s figure verses her spirit. Women are being objectified. Communication is being broken down. Real relationships and intimacy are being substituted for a counterfeit. Women trade sex for love and men give love to get sex.

Since pornography is now almost completely digital, it is easily accessible and open territory for destruction. Guys and girls are wrestling with addictions that manifest in other problems including shame, depression, guilt, and isolation. We’ve become entangled in bondage and can’t find a way out. It is said that 59% of married men, 36% of single men, and 33% of teenage boys have sought help at their church for sexual addiction. The stats aren’t biased because 5% of married women, 5% of single women, and 4% of teenage girls in the church also are struggling and seeking help. While the stats may be bleak, we at Marked Ministry believe in a God of hope! That is why we initiated a shoot with out friend Robert who is courageously spearheading the moment of hope in the God who breaks our bondage and sets us free from addictions! May you be inspired by this shoot and pass on this message of hope.