A Note From the Editor

(Photos by Selma Komisky)

A Note From the Editor: June, 2018

By Sarah Komisky

What does true beauty look like? For many of us, we can rattle off truths we instinctively know or have been taught like, “beauty is on the inside,” yet how many of us truly believe it? If we’re honest, true beauty can be defined as seemingly flawless skin, a fit physique, great hair, stylish clothes, or a perfect smile. So, we empty our bank accounts and swipe our credit cards in hopes of investing into the things that we’ve believed will make us beautiful, attractive, or even accepted. And if we’re honest, we’ve bought into the lie that we’re not enough. We compare ourselves. If our hair is curly, we invest in the best flat iron there is. If we lose weight, we always want to lose more. If we’re tall, we wish we were average. If we have freckles, we mask them with foundation. Somehow we’ve believed that the cookie cutter photos on billboards, movie screens, and magazine covers are the only ones that are truly beautiful. How wrong we are. At the root of all the misconceptions we believed and inherited, we’ve come to develop a true false perception of beauty.

Just as every artist is distinct, so is our Creator, God. Some of us are pastel Monet’s while others are abstract Picassos, yet all are works of art. Each unique. Each so-called “imperfection” a masterful expression of loveliness. But beauty is not just what we initially see, it’s what we encounter. 1 Peter 3:3-4 says, “Don’t be concerned about the outward beauty of fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry, or beautiful clothes. You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God.” Beauty isn’t just what we look like. Beauty means compassion. It means being a friend. Beauty means being humble. Beauty is standing up for something you believe in. Beauty, in essence, is so much more.

That is why this month at Marked Ministry we wanted to honor the true meaning of beauty and celebrate what it means to be authentic.

Here is a highlighted list of the beauty that I’ve observed and have the privilege and joy of being surrounded by here at Marked Ministry along with these selfies that represent who we are. May you appreciate the beauty in this issue and be encouraged to unveil your true, authentic self! Enjoy!

Meet the Marked Ministry Team!

April: Clever

Okay, this girl is not only my bestie, but my amazing owl that makes life richer because of her intellect. When we started Marked Ministry, she gladly went to work building this website from the ground up, designed our first logo, and launched our social media. When she didn’t know how to do something, I was amazed at her ability to Google and figure it out with ease. April, I love your quirkiness, you’re extensive vocabulary, and affinity for amazing facts. Thank you for being my loyal Sam that journeys with this Frodo (even in pregnancy)! Much love!

Bella: Creative

When Bella first came on the team, I knew she was super artsy and was open to writing for our “Arts” section. She launched a Spotify and always came up with new ideas that were super interesting. Bella, I love how you create, invent, and design. Thank you for always being willing to sub as a writer and be versatile in your assignments given. It’s so appreciated!

Ben: Encouraging

One of the things that I noticed about Ben during our first interview was his ability to be incredibly encouraging. From his Instagram posts, to interactions in real time with others, he is always extremely intentional. I’ve seen it. Even in his extremely busy schedule, he always makes time for others. Ben, your willingness to spread hope to so many as well as your desire to speak life into others is truly inspiring. Thank you for being on this team!

Delaney: Willing

One of the most amazing things is when a new intern is willing to try new things (even when it’s out of their comfort zone). Delaney was that person. She jumped into new situations and never said no. Out of it came amazing growth, including interviewing her first professional Christian artist. I love her ability to step out beyond what is safe, and I’ve been blessed to experience the fruit of her labor at Marked Ministry. Delaney, you inspire me! Keep going for it, there’s so much ahead of you!

Kyle: Efficient

What I appreciate about Kyle are all her qualities that don’t come natural to me. She is highly organized, has extreme attention to detail, and sees the reasonable and factual things that often keeps me balanced. These gifts have proven to be highly valuable when it comes to editing, keeping deadlines, and giving concrete feedback at meetings. Appreciate you Kyle and for being so dedicated to this ministry!  

Jacqueline: Honest

Jaqueline is one of the coolest moms ever. Her style is so sick! Loving her Vans and snapback! But in all seriousness, what I love about Jac is her transparency and ability to be herself. The times that I’ve been able to pray with her for this magazine is amazing. She has such a deep love for God and the ability to be articulate deep thoughts and musings that make me always look forward to reading her articles.

Jehn: Calm

Jehn, you bring a great calm in a work environment that can get a little crazy at times. You’ve been my editing and graphic design wing woman on many occasions during production and it’s your cool presence that makes the experience chill. Jehn, your ability to strive for peace and be a peacemaker is so needed. I appreciate your easy-going nature, your gifting as a triple-threat writer, editor, and graphic designer. You’re an amazing listener, and I am so grateful to have had you as an intern and current teammate.

Maxine: Genuine

Maxine, you are so genuine. I met you when you modeled for us. I loved your fun and friendly personality and saw the potential in you to be a great writer. I appreciate that you came on board, and I’ve seen your writing grow in so many ways. Your fun flare and knack for fashion has created a strong voice that really has been such an asset to our magazine. You wear your heart on your sleeve and let others get to know the real Max who is fun-loving and spunky. Thank you for being real and sharing who you are in your posts – it resonates with others.

Michele M.: Supportive

Michele you are truly a shepardess at heart. I so value your ability to always want to come alongside me and encourage me as a young leader. Your support over the years as well as your ability to find new ways to spread the word for Marked Ministry is so appreciated. I glean from your experience and wisdom Michele; thanks for being on the team.

Michelle O.: Courageous

Michelle, I met you as a missionary when my mom did an interview with you and after reading your first piece recognized your unique gifting for writing. Over the years you have written through thick and thin. You haven’t let adversity stop you from writing whether it was being snowed in or without WIFI in third world countries. Through difficulty in life, you always persevere and resolve to never give up. That is truly an admirably quality and I am so glad to have you as a teammate and friend.

Michelle S.:  Kind

Michelle, you are my “bosom” friend who is truly my sister. Like April, you have also been there from the beginning, being my voice of reason that is consistently objective. Besides being an editing wizard, your skilled administrative skills have been so helpful to our budgeting and techy questions, which you are always are willing to help solve. Above it all, it has been your kindness that has consistently shined. You’ve been an incredible buddy in the trenches. Hugs!

Natalie: Easygoing

I first met Natalie during a wave of new recruits, where we cast the net at local churches. Natalie was super versatile, juggling teaching, youth ministry, and a variety of other projects. Yet, her ability to being easy going through it all has been such a blessing. Natalie, you are able to go with twist and turns with the nature of being on a magazine team. Even through obstacles, your ability to stay positive is a true gift. Thank you for being teachable and flexible. I appreciate you Natalie!

Rachel: Loyal

Rachel you have been a teammate since I met you through modeling for one of our shoots. After we chatted, I discovered your fun fashion sense through your blog and Instagram posts. I loved what you did and asked if you would be willing to write for the fashion section, which then transitioned into managing our social media. You are so dedicated to the magazine and I appreciate your faithfulness to post daily as well as answer my social media questions! Thank you for your commitment and ability to persevere when times get hard. This magazine couldn’t be done without you.

Roselyn: Bold

Roselyn you are truly a world-changer. The first time I met you I was speaking at a church, and shortly after, you and your sister modeled for Marked Ministry. When we were in need of a tween voice, your name came to mind and as you’ve been a part of this team, I have been so blown away by your maturity, dedication to God, and your heart to be a light in the darkness. You are truly an example to your peers and it’s your boldness that makes you a leader. Keep shining Roselyn! Can’t wait to see how God uses you. Keep going for it! I so believe in you!

Selma (Mom): Free Spirit

It’s hard to pinpoint all my words into a short paragraph, but here I go! Mom, you are the free spirit that makes my life such an adventure! I love your ability to see beauty in unconventional things that the world may have a hard time seeing. You see beyond the surface with compassion and have taught me to do the same. From the beginning, you’ve been a mentor to the girls on the team, been a writer, and become my lead photographer. Your art inspires me, and I love going on spontaneous outings. You have and always will be my hero. Love that we get to do this together! Let’s keep this going!

Zelda (Tia): Generous

My aunt has been one of my biggest cheerleaders in this endeavor. She used her creative design skills to decorate event tables and is notorious for spreading the word (even when traveling!) Tia (meaning ‘Aunt’ in Spanish), I so appreciate your thoughtful writings and fun personality. Thank you for your ability to be so giving and how it’s provided for this ministry. Your generosity with your time and resources is such a blessing! I continue to look forward to reading your trendy posts 😊