Embracing Your Style in 5 Simple Steps

(Feature photo by Selma Komisky and fashion photos courtesy of Pinterest)

Embracing Your Style in 5 Simple Steps

By Maxine O’Loane

Ever watched a movie where you fell in love with a character’s style and wished you could take a peak in their closet? Or been out shopping with a friend who always looks perfectly put together?  Or maybe you’ve had one of those moments where you just wished a T.V. crew randomly popped out of nowhere and offered to give you a complete makeover? Because I know I have, and, with the access social media allows us to have with the style icons of today, I’m pretty sure you have too. So, if this sounds like you, then grab a spot near your closet, keep your Pinterest open (don’t act like you don’t have an entire board dedicated to outfits) and get ready to give your wardrobe a facelift. Ready? Let’s start!

Confidence is Key

Okay so this might seem like a random style tip, but you would be surprised at just how important it is to owning an outfit. Truth be told, you can look great in anything ranging from an avantgarde piece straight off the runway to a simple white tee, and “mom” jeans or some chucks. All you need is a little confidence and your outfit is complete. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with putting different pieces together until you find what makes you feel just as incredible inside as you look on the outside. If that means wearing your favorite slip on vans and sweater, but switching out your black pants for some acid wash color blocked jeans, then take the chance and own it.

Find a Style That Suits You and Be Unique

The best thing about fashion in general is that everything gets “recycled” eventually. So, if there’s a specific era you’re drawn to then  try it out, because odds are it’s going to make its comeback on the runway sometime soon. Which is why the key to embracing your own style is find what you love and build your wardrobe around it. If cat-eye glasses, pencil skirts and two-piece blazers are your thing, then make them your basics and find pieces to compliment them perfectly. Don’t think that you have to stick to one specific era either; if you love pin curls, red lipstick and have a grungy side, don’t be afraid      to  switch it up occasionally.


Find Your Strengths and Showcase Them

Have any favorite features in mind? Maybe you know your body type but haven’t exactly mastered how to dress for it? My best trick for this is to find out what you want the focal point of your outfit to be and work around it. After months of cardio and more “leg days” than you can count, why not show your legs some love with some patterned shorts or a simple flowy summer dress? Were you blessed with nice shoulders and arms? Why not shed some light on them with your favorite pair of jeans and finally wearing some of those off the shoulders and halter tops you’ve had hiding in your closet for the last few months. Not only will you look great but embracing your features will act as a nice confidence booster to make you feel more comfortable in your skin.







Dress For What Fits Your Lifestyle Best

Just because you’re trying to update your closet doesn’t mean that you need to be in stilettos, a full face of makeup and a perfectly fitted two-piece suit. Although if you can manage to pull that off every day, you have my full support. One thing that you need to remember when figuring out what style you’re comfortable with is making it adaptable to your daily routines. So, if your life consists of constantly being on-the-go and you pretty much live in sweats and band tee’s then all you need to do is dress it up a bit. Lucky for you, “athleisure” is becoming more common in the fashion industry today, don’t let the term scare you off because it just designers’ takes on lounge and workout attire. Are casual Fridays your only opportunity to let go a little, and leave the slacks and bazar at home? Why not try adding some accessories or a pop of color to your typical office attire.








Focus on Key Words Not Just Categories

We’ve all asked about what to wear to an event using these words; formal, casual, business, or business casual. Although these are helpful in figuring out what to wear to an event, they shouldn’t be used to describe someone’s style. When picking out an outfit you should be thinking about key words like “laid back” “daring” “sweet” or “eclectic”.  Basically you want your style to represent you rather than fit into a certain “category” people use to generalize a specific sense of style. Once you figure out how to get your personal style to match your personality, then not only will you be more confident in what you wear but putting outfits together will be more fun when you know exactly what you’re looking for.








And there you have it-5 simple tips and tricks to help you embrace your own personal style while adding a little twist to your current wardrobe. It’s a lot simpler than you thought right?  Notice that I didn’t pay too much attention to what pieces to wear but rather getting you to think about why you’re picking them. The reason why is because we all have our own ideas of how we want to dress, what we’re comfortable in, where our “fashion” comfort-zones are and why we want to switch it up. Whether your tired of your basic go-to’s, are itching to try something new or hoping for a complete makeover, the most important thing to know is to have the confidence to embrace the skin you’re in and let that same confidence shine through your style. So, go ahead and take on that closet in front of you and figure out what style fits you best!