Stepping Into Battle

(Photo by Selma Komisky)


Stepping Into Battle

By Kyle Jane Heskett

Sexual temptation is perhaps one of the strongest tactics the devil uses to throw us off our game. Whether that be the temptation of having an affair, filling the mind with lustful thoughts, or pushing the boundaries before marriage, the devil knows how vulnerable we are. God created us as sexual beings, so what was originally intended for good is being twisted to feed our flesh. One of the best ways to fight for our sexual integrity is to take on the armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18).

When a soldier prepares for battle, he puts on his full armor. When we face spiritual battle, we need to protect our hearts, minds, and souls with the armor of God. The piece of armor I want to focus on is the one that is easily forgettable, but extremely important. It is easy to remember a helmet, a sword, and a shield when facing a fight. But how often do we think about our shoes and the significance the right pair can bring to our situation? That is why we must remember the shoes of peace.

Ephesians 6:15 says “…and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.” In traditional military armor during the time Ephesians was written, the shoes were to protect the feet against traps and sharp twigs. If a soldier stumbled and fell into a trap, marching toward the enemy would be obstructed (Matthew Henry’s Commentary). No matter how strong a soldier’s armor was, he can fall to his demise before even reaching the battlefield without the proper shoes. In a spiritual battle, we are to be ready to fight back with the gospel.

The gospel is the source of all our peace, hope, and freedom. The gospel is simply this: Our sin leads us to a separation from God. Without a sacrifice for our sins, we cannot be in His presence. God then provided the ultimate sacrifice when He sent His Son, Jesus, to die as that sacrifice. Jesus pardoned our sins on the cross and made us right with God; we just have to accept that free gift of grace. Furthermore, Christ rose from the dead three days later, officially conquering death. He gave us His Holy Spirit to guide us who gives us power to live in freedom. Now we can face temptation with the knowledge that Christ is with us and that His Holy Spirit gives us the strength to endure. Even when we fail, Christ gives forgiveness to a repentant heart. Isn’t that great news?! When we have the shoes equipped with the readiness of the gospel, we can rest in God’s love and be at peace with whatever comes our way. We are never forgotten or forsaken. The gospel says we are accepted and forgiven.

If you are facing sexual temptation, know that you are not alone. And know that God can restore your purity and integrity. Sow the gospel deep in your heart, so that you can face any battle with a firm foundation.