Summer Style: A Guy’s Guide to Summer Fashion 2018, Part 2

(Feature photo by Selma Komisky and fashion photos courtesy of Pinterest)

Summer Style: A Guy’s Guide to Summer Fashion 2018, Part 2

By Maxine O’Loane

What is everyone’s number one rule for summer? I don’t know about you, but for me it’s staying cool and wearing as few layers as possible. So, to beat the heat this summer here’s some basic go to pieces that will have you looking good without having to spend too much time digging through your closet. Simplicity is not always boring, especially when it comes to clothes. Sometimes its the “simple” pieces that make a look iconic, like Danny Zuco’s infamous leather jacket or Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones wearing their Ray Bans in every Men in Black movie. There are so many more iconic looks that your favorite Hollywood stars have trademarked over the years, so why not try to incorporate them into your style this summer. Here’s just a quick list of some summer basics that I think every guy should have stashed in their closet, but feel free to add your own take to them before you head out the door and to your favorite local hot spot.

Hats: (Baseball Caps, Vintage Fit, Fedoras)






Hats are probably the easiest way to add your own style to anything you wear, whether its sporting your favorite team logo, keeping it simple with a classic fedora or take a risk and try something with a bold pattern or fabric. The best thing about hats is, they look good on everyone, save you a few extra minutes by skipping the gel and they keep your face safe from the sun when your out and about.

Shorts (Beach Basics, Khaki, Cargos)

Shorts are easily every guys go to for summer, but that doesn’t mean that board shorts and cargos are your only options. Once you find the right fit, try and opt out some of your jeans for shorts and not only will you feel the difference throughout the day but it’ll help you add something extra to your style. A simple pair of shorts is a great way to switch up your wardrobe, pair them with a button down for a casual look, keep it business casual with loafers and a dress shirt, or just throw on a white t-shirt and some sneakers and you’re ready to run errands or grab lunch.

Shades (Ray Bans, Round Frames, Vintage, Aviators, Mirrored

Everyone has that pair of sunglasses that gives them a little confidence boost as soon as they take them out of the case and put them on. The right pair of shades can make a huge difference when figuring out what to wear, the real challenge is finding the frames that are the best fit for you. If vintage style is your thing, then some round frames might be your best bet. They add a touch of eccentricity to every style, wear them with some jeans and a shirt and you’re good to go, pair them with a suit for a quick business lunch by the beach or dress them down with some shorts and a band shirt. Aviators are a classic for a reason, they might be kind of bold with their large reflective lenses and distinct frame but they’ll definitely make you stand out. They can also add some edge to any outfit, either while heading to your favorite bar and grill or walking down the boardwalk. Finally, for those guys who aren’t afraid to take a risk, try finding a set of mirrored sunglasses. Since they’re attention getters, any guy who wears these needs to be at the top of his game and exude confidence. Not only do they look cool in person, but they’re also perfect for photographs and they give off a mysterious confidence to whoever wears them. So, if you think you’re up for the challenge grab a pair that suits you and incorporate them into your summer favorites.

See, it wasn’t too long right? I said I’d try to keep it simple and hopefully there was some stuff that caught your interest. So, find the simple go-to pieces that you like best and take a risk by adding something new to your everyday style.