Julianna Zobrist: Guest Writer

(Photo by Faith Nichols)

On Shatterproof, the hard driving pop/electronica title track that kicks off her recent hit album of the same name, Julianna Zobrist hits the listener with force and eloquence all at once, letting the world know, in no uncertain terms, that she was finished with the emotional game people play with one another. Her audaciously defiant lyrics find her facing, the way people attempt to use guilt, shame and fear head-on to manipulate one another to adhere to their preferences – while forging a liberating path towards true emotional and spiritual freedom. The song quickly became an anthem of empowerment, a mantra of unshackling, and an uplift that women and men across culture need and want to hear. The overwhelming response to the song and its conversation-sparking themes have now inspired Julianna’s breakthrough book, Pull It Off: Removing Your Fears and Putting on Confidence.

The book cover even shows the singer and author draped head-to-toe in billows of pink, purple, green, yellow and blue tutus from ikram – yes, the kind ballerinas wear. Life is truly a “dance” for the fashion muse (styling her own shoots and events), social media influencer, pop music singer/artist, inspirational speaker, charitable advocate, wife of Chicago Cubs second baseman and outfielder (and 2016 World Series MVP) Ben Zobrist and mother of three kids – Zion (age 9), Kruse (age 7) and Blaise (age 2).

Since the release of Shatterproof, Julianna has performed at numerous charity and professional events; and venues around the nation, including regular appearances for Gucci, Burberry, Celine & NY Fashion Week. She sang a stirring rendition of  God Bless America at the World Series, has met with Congress and two sitting U.S. Presidents in addition to regularly speaking and singing before her many fans, including a die-hard group whom she affectionately calls the Color Kids.  She has been featured by top media across the globe including Forbes, Huffington Post, PEOPLE Magazine/ABC News’ “Celebrity Love Stories,” Beauty Atlas, PARADE, CBS, FOX News, and Sports Illustrated, among others.

Read more of Julianna’s bio at: www.juliannazobrist.com