Johnny Reed: Guest Writer

(Photo by Natalie Baugh)

My name is Johnny Reed and I am a professional male model for Wilhelmina Worldwide. I am contracted in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and London.  I have been blessed to shoot for clothing lines such as Forever 21, Champion, Russel Westbrook and ASOS. I have been a full-time male model for the past three and a half years, and continually count my blessings for all that has been given to me. I grew up as a typical Pastor’s kid and fully rebelled against my parents all through high school. I actually did not become saved until I had already started in my modeling career. The first year of my career consisted of the typical model life: the best parties, wealth, girls, luxurious living, and complete hopelessness. I hit rock bottom, and even though I had all one could hope for, I felt completely alone. This unfulfillment allowed me to realize the extreme need I had for a God who could fill a void that nothing else in this world could fill. I now view my modeling career with one focus in mind: to bring the light of Christ into one of the darkest environments. I have the ability to share with other models and creatives who hold the same hopelessness I once did. I also am a full-time student and am a newly certified personal trainer. I hope to one day become a sports coach so that I can impact the lives of athletes, while also continuing my modeling career.