(Photos by Selma Komisky)


By Selma Komisky

“A snapshot speaks volumes!”

– Selma

I love the sound of my shutter on my Canon going off in quick succession while taking continuous photos. I see how God wows me every time when I pray and ask Him to guide my eyes as they sweep the horizon of the streets to capture candid life happening.

I enjoy the unconventional approach to photography. I thrive on the imperfect things and people. Most of time I enjoy photographing things that people normally don’t want to shoot because I find they’re more interesting than the typical or the obvious. Being a professional “people watcher,” I’ve had to be in “ready-to-go-mode” to get that unique pic.

My passion behind the lens is to make people feel something when they see my photos. I like the color, natural aesthetics, and black and white that is so stunning and beautiful to lay hold of.

Also, I love people and like an artist, I see the blank canvas and see their potential. I listen to them and make them feel at ease and make them feel good about themselves. Giving back is another reason I enjoy photography. So many times, I have been blessed by encountering people that have gone through these tough seasons (i.e. sickness, abuse, homeless, etc.) and have been able to bless them back with my photography and bring a smile to them.

Photography has been very therapeutic and relaxing for me. I think it’s something fun and also, it’s also very freeing to just grab your camera  and, your off! There are always opportunities to create art and be inspired!

Some of my favorite old-school street photographers like Vivian Maier, Dorothea Lange, and Henri Cartier-Bresson (to name a few) are artists I respect and admire. With their work, they didn’t have Photoshop back in the day. They kept things raw and organic. Some were self-taught and captured what they saw with simple equipment. What you saw is what you got. In turn, I like to take my snapshots and follow in their photo philosophy. Here’s a look at a few of some of mine.