Being Worthy

(Cover photo by Jenn Cady and cover design by Melissa Jackson)

Being Worthy

Excerpted from “Fight for Her” by Plumb and written with Susanna Foth Aughtmon (Copyright 2018). Used with permission from Biscuit Media, Shoe Publishing Inc. and Street Talk Media, LLC.

My dad has shown me, in a million big and little ways, that he thinks I am worth fighting for. He has let me know that I am worthy of his love, his time, and his protection. That knowledge has given me a rich inner confidence. I have always been thankful for that security he gave me. Because of it, I am who I am and I can say what needs to be said, even when it makes him squirm a little. (#IDONOTHAVEA- GOODFILTERMYDADISTHANKFULIHAVEANEDITOR). But even when I say things that have made my dad uncomfortable, I have always known that I have a father who will love me…no matter what. This bedrock of love has given me the courage to speak for those who feel silenced and the strength to lift up those who feel weary.

I know not everyone has had my same experience. So many of you that I have met over the years have never known the good strong love of family. Some have heart-breaking stories of rejection or abuse and feel far from their fathers. A lot of women don’t have true friends who stand with them when life is difficult and ugly. So many have felt lost and abandoned in their life’s journey. Based on how they’ve been treated, they don’t feel worthy. They feel worthless.

There are specific girls who walk up to my table after a concert that I recognize from a mile away. My girls, I call them. These beautiful women have been either sexually, physically, emotionally, or verbally abused. Some have experienced all of that. Some have been abandoned in more ways than one. Some are cutters and given to self-injury. Some rely on an addiction to numb the pain caused by something that, all too often, isn’t even their fault. Their eyes tell a story of damage and heartbreak before they ever say a word. When they’ve managed, usually through their tears, to share their struggles with me, they tell me that they’ve used a song I have written, as their anthem to keep going. That the song puts words to exactly what they feel. It makes them feel less alone. Gives them hope. Makes them a little less afraid. They let me be a voice for them until they can speak for themselves. They’re drawn to the hope that’s etched into things I write about or share. They know it’s real…and comes from my own brokenness. They trust me. And I value that trust immensely.

God has placed a special love for these girls in my heart. And I can look them in the eye and say with absolute truth and confidence, “You are beautiful. You are worth more than you know. Being treated any less than how God sees you, by anyone, including yourself, ends here.” I am not perfect. Not even close. I have made a truckload of mistakes in my life. But I have known what it feels like to be loved unconditionally and to be treasured. To be protected and fought for. And I want that for each and every girl out there. I want that for my daughter. For my mom. For my girlfriends. I want that for you.

Loving yourself and seeing your worth can be a struggle. Maybe you are one of my girls, broken and abandoned. Or maybe you look and act like you have it altogether on the outside but on the inside you are a complete mess. I get that. I have been there, too (more often than not). Or maybe you have walked away from God and don’t think He would ever want you back. The truth is, no matter how you feel, no matter what you have believed in the past, no matter how far away from hope you are, you are loved.

Feeling isn’t always fact. No matter how you feel…you are wholly and dearly loved. As daughters of the King, we have a Heavenly Father who fights to show us, over and over again, in a million big and little ways, that we are worthy. He will fight the gates of hell on our behalf. He’s done it before and He’ll do it again. This isn’t the kind of love we earn. It’s the kind of love we’re given by a God that has chosen us. We are His. We are worthy because Jesus died for us and conquered death and hell. He claims us as His own. By the power of the cross, He forgives us. He rose again and that resurrection offers us a new way to live. A life of worth. A life of hope. But we have to take Him up on that life.

We have to believe that what He says about us is true.

We have to believe that we are worth loving. We have to believe that we are worth His time. We have to believe that we are worth protecting.

Before you can tell your daughter or any other daughter that she is loved and expect them to believe it, you have to believe that YOU are. Before you can tell the girl next to you that she is worthy, you have to believe, in your heart of hearts, that YOU are worthy. Even when you are broken or hurting or wounded. Even when you feel worthless. The truth is that you are worthy. In every possible way. You can know this because your Dad in Heaven, the One who created all things, says you are. And He doesn’t lie. Remember, He’s God. He says you are redeemed and precious. Just like the Holy Spirit redefined Mike Weaver’s view of himself, He wants to redefine yours. He sees you as irresistible and lovely. Your worth is etched in your DNA. It is laid in the very foundation of who you are meant to be. Before He formed you in your mom’s belly, He chose you for His own. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. And your Heavenly Father wants to fill you up with confidence and empower you as the worthy, beautiful creation that He created for you to be.

You are worth fighting for.

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